Need Advice on Child Refusing to Eat!

Updated on March 06, 2009
B.M. asks from Chicago, IL
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Hi mom's,
this is my second time here, first time was great. I had so many responses it was unbelievable. Well i'm here again! I take care of 3 small children, the youngest being a little over a year. This is the one i'm worried about. When he first started eating regular foods: gerber graduates and some fooods i made i had no problem with him eating. It's been recently he has started to refuse certain foods. Mac and cheese, pasta, carrots and other things. It seems he only wants, yogurt, banana's, pudding, ice cream, and oatmeal.i'm at a loss with this child. I never had this happen before, even with my own children who are grown. Any in-put would be greatly appreciated. Thank's in advance.

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So What Happened?

Hi mom's,
i want to thank all that responded to my request. Liam, my 13 month old charge is finally started eating again. He still has off days but not as bad. I find that if i give him the gerber diced fruit along with all his meals he will eat just about hopefully this will work for awhile. There was not a teething problem but it must have been something else. He has 4 teeth and i havnt spotted another yet. Thanks again for all the advice to this older mom. I am in your debt!
B. morajka

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Could be that he is teething or dealing with some kind of digestive upset or he's reached the stage in his development that he is more aware of different food textures and, now, has decided that there are some that he dislikes. . It sounds like the foods that HE does eat are pretty healthy foods. I would continue to offer him variety but, more importantly, build upon what he is currently eating. (i.e. w/ oatmeal - add some blueberries, yogurt - make a fruit bowl and additional fruit - try smoothies w/ a little juice.) .

Unless it's home-made mac & cheese, the box- kind can be hard on some people's digestive system. My husband always complains if we make it for lunch - rarely will he eat any and when he has, he has felt ill just an hour later.

Regarding any food allergy - are you noticing that he is fussy an hour or two after he has eaten or has a bloated stomach? Or any of the other signs that the previous post mentioned?

Also,regarding food allergies: One symptom that gets overlooked w/ food allergies are bright, red lips. One of my best friends shared this with me - her young son has recently been diagnosed with a severe egg allergy. He always turned down ice cream and custards while her other kids gobbled them up. The dr. suspected an egg allergy and her response was, "he never appeared to have a hard time breathing - in fact - his cheeks and lips were rosy red". Just keep an eye out for that, as well as any other symptoms associated with food allergies.

That's so wonderful that you take care of these children. You must be a very special mom to do this!!!

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He could be teething and only wanting the really mushy things to eat, he could also have an undetected allergy and is self regulating so his body does not get upset(like tummy upset or hives or explosive poop) Keep trying with different foods. Good Luck

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Hi B.
I'm almost in your same situation:
I nanny for 3, the youngest is also 14 mos. He is currently teething, used to eat like a horse and just started to refuse his favorites. Yesterday I took his favorite yogurt and put a raisin in each spoonful. The raisins that were ending up on the floor now got in his tummy. The mix ins might work for you.
Remember, unless they are losing an extreme amount of weight, or have something really wrong with them, hungry children will eat, so don't worry if he is temporarily off. Keep offering and eventually he will come around.

If it becomes too important to you, the game may be more important than the feeding and develop a disorder.
Good luck with your new babies and your own grown babies!

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