Need Advice on Alkaline Water for Cancer Treatment

Updated on January 09, 2010
A.S. asks from Cumming, GA
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Dear moms,
My husband was recently diagnosed with blood cancer. I started doing research on alternative treatments to go along with chemo therapy. We are including a lot of raw foods, sprouts, nuts in our diet and eliminating sugar. One of the things I came across was the use of alkaline water to increase oxygen and alkalinity in the body. Some reviews swear by it and others call it a hoax. Gadgets to make water alkaline are fairly expensive. I was wondering if any moms have any knowledge or experience of this and suggestions for getting pure water. Thanks so much in advance.

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answers from Indianapolis on

What kind of blood cancer does he have? I had Hodgkins in June, 2008.

I personally didn't seek alternative treatments to chemo (though my oncologist did recommend acupuncture to help with the side effects).

My biggest fear with giving such treatments (depending on the chemo) is that your immune system is already compromised. Anything could cause a life threatening infection, and I'd be VERY concerned about introducing anything not sterilized into the body.

If you tweet, there are some high-level Hematologist/Oncologists on Twitter (such as @DrAnasYounes @DanaFarber @TeamOncology @MaverickNY) who may be able to provide their opinions.

For instance, some oncologists believe it's OK to boost white blood cells for Hodgkins. All the lymphoma specialists I saw were adamantly against it. I'd do your research before doing anything and feel really good about the decision.

If you don't already know about Imerman's Angels, I'd also recommend them for your husband and you as a caregiver. They match people with someone in a similar situation (age, cancer, etc) to help you get through the process and be a support when needed.

Best wishes to your family. I hope your ordeal is short and successful.

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answers from Atlanta on


This is my natural remedy doctor. Check him out. He has had a couple of cancer patients who have successfully recover.



answers from Atlanta on

Make sure those raw foods are Organic and Local, also make sure your nuts are soaked before eating as well, this also goes for grains and nuts it removes the phytic acid which is carcenogenic...

Everything I have read on it it says it is worthwhile esp regarding cancer treatment, at the bear minimum you should have a reverse osmosis filter... But if you go alkaline, you will need to bypass the reverse osmosis, you can buy alkaline water at various health stores around town, let me know where you are and i'll give you some reccommendsations.

For buying a system call Winston at, I also can help you with a company that can install it.

If you want help with detoxing your house or where to buy the best local and organic food check out my site In an hour or so consult I can pretty much set you up with the best farmers and resources in town.

Hope this helps.



answers from Myrtle Beach on

I've never heard of this treatment, but it is true that if your body is a certain alkaline cancers don't grow.
If you are considering any alternative treatment look at Essiac Tea or 4-Herb tea. there is lots of testamonials, so you can look and see for yourself at how many people it has helped. It is easy to make and actually tastes good. Doesn't hurt to look at all your options, right? Best of luck and may God Bless.



answers from Savannah on

A great article on using baking soda to alkalize the body. Also, PawPaw is a fantastic herb to support your immune system. You can get an affordable reverse osmosis unit at that will give you pure water.

If you have your husband's blood type I can recommend some dietary information for you as well, just send me a message if you would like that information.



answers from Atlanta on

One of my friends had cancer and then had to have a transplant and she has an alkaline filter. At her parents home they had one installed on the kitchen sink with its own spout. She has now moved into an apartment and has gotten one that sits on the counter, its not permenent so she can take it with her. She swears by it and having used it as well can say the water tastes (or doesn't taste) better. Your teas are much better, and if you like to drink water with fruit, you really get the fruit flavor. I know that they are expensive but when you are fighting for your life can you really put a price on it?

Good luck I hope your husband does well with his treatment!



answers from Atlanta on

Hi A.,

I completely believe in an all natural lifestyle and I believe that cancers can be prevented and also cured naturally. I don't know anything about the alkaline water craze except my mother-in-law just bought a $4000.00 machine for her kitchen sink. The one question I can't seem to get answered from the "alkaline water people" is why isn't our water already alkaline. Our city water supplies are "cleaned" with chlorine and that is highly alkaline. I DO know that chlorine is a deadly toxin and shouldn't be in our water. Maybe I'm just asking the wrong people but if you find someone to answer that question I would love to get the "skinny."

A., the group (they research other cancers as well) has documentation that 90% of cancers are environmentally caused. Basically that the chemicals in our lives have created these cancer cells. Look deeply into his chemotherapy before you start it. Most naturalists will tell you they have much better success if the chemo has not been done.

Also research Dr. Gershon online. Dr. Gershon, Sr. wrote a book in 1957 on exactly how to prevent and cure cancer. The AMA had it removed from the shelves. Younger Dr. Gershon, his daughter, is still practicing his methods and has several clinics. Her clinic may even be able to tell you about the alkaline water.

God bless,




answers from Atlanta on

Hi A. S there is a woman I know that has alot of information on alkaline water. Her name is Gloria Snyder and her # is ###-###-####. You can tell her T. Thompson gave you her # and ask her all the questions you need. My sister has kidney issues and she drinks alkaline water. Good Luck. T.



answers from Atlanta on

We have a Kangen water system that my mother bought. It's great, but if we were the ones buying it would we buy the same one? Don't know. But I have looked around at this one too..... Tyent MMP-7070 .

I don't know why people wouldn't believe in alkaline water, it's a fact that cancer can not live in an alkaline body. If your body is more acidic, the cancer does well. Normal drinking water is not alkaline as it should be. Besides, it tastes so much better.

You can ask me any questions you'd like to. Here is a website that compares the one we have and the one that I mentioned above. They have them for around $1500, but my mother paid for the most expensive one at almost $4000. Crazy though, she doesn't use this machine with all of it's features. I definitely would have not bought this model. But I would have bought an alkaline water filter.

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