Need Advice, My Daughter Hasn't Pooped in over 36 Hours

Updated on July 23, 2008
J.O. asks from West New York, NJ
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She is 6 months old and hasn't pooped (this is the second day). I'm worried. At first I figured it would pass. But now I'm concerned. I've been giving her rice cereal could that be the cause? I'll call the pediatrician tomorrow, and she's asleep now but is there anything I should do? Should I be worried?
This is the first time this has happened.
(I just read the previous post, I guess I'm not the only one with this problem!) I also forgot to add that I am breast feeding. I'll talk to the dr to see what they say.

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So What Happened?

Sooo. My doctor recommended prune juice. I decided to give her gerber organic "First prunes". She still hasn't pooped, hoping she will before tomorrow morning otherwise I'll call the dr. again.
But thanks to everyone for the advice. The dr. confirmed that it was the rice cereal.
I'll give another update once she's pooped. :)

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It could be constipation, but it is also not uncommon for babies to not poop everyday. Just in case stay away from the BRAT diet (bananas rice applesauce toast). If she is constipated this will make things worse. If you have introduced applesauce, give her apple juice. Dilute it 50% with water and this will help her go. But be careful to much will give her the runs. My doc also told me to give my daughter pears, peaches, prunes, plums or apricots to help increase her fiber and help "loosen" things up. Another thing to do is introduce another cereal. Try oatmeal or barley instead of the rice.

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at least for now i believe the doc. will tell you you have to get her to poop. and then change her diet. rice cereal causes constipation. you may just give her oatmeal and stir clear from rice cereal.
make sure you double check with doctor as i can't recall when this first happened with my kids but i was told to use fleet enema. it was awful, but got mine going. like i said i don't recall the age, but they were pretty young.
also prune juice is very sweet. i don't think it's advisable to give her now. but once she's done, then make sure she gets plenty of fruit during the day. that should help her go every day.
my kids still struggle with constipation at the age of 4. since birth its been like this. it's no fun for them
good luck



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its definately the rice cereal since this has never happened before, Switch to OATMEAL its a natural laxative and much easier on the digestive system

as far as what to do now, before breakfast
lay her on her back, get a q-tip or theremometer and plenty of vaseline,

insert it gently into her rectum, and keep it in there till the poop comes out,

remember to give her extra fluids now that the weather is hot,
water works wonders.




answers from New York on

Baby have several bowel movements(3 to 5)
rice-good for lose stool (binds)
Little water no need for fluoride water
Bottle,filter, or tap (depend on local water system)
Formula-maybe has iron that constipation side effect
Breast milk-always healthy
Try some these foods.........



answers from New York on

Hello J.,

also give her pears for the next couple of days. next time (like in a week or so) you give her rice cereal, mix it with baby pears. the fiber in the pears will help avoid constipation. sometimes just a tablespoon per day will make a big difference. btw, don't go for the "it's OK if babies poop once per week" sometimes doctors say. it's just not natural!
good luck! ~Carmen~



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Two things:

6 months is still very early for solids. If you are breastfeeding 9 months is pretty much the number for solid foods. constipation is a sign of an immature gut.

Rice cereal is a useless food! It is a highly processed unnatural food that I can't understand giving to babies. It makes them horribly constipated and offers little nutrition.

If you really feel baby is ready for solids try making fresh warm oatmeal, then puree a bit. Or any fresh whole grain cereal...groats, 7 grain, whole corn grits.

In the meantime, pear juice works well to aid a bowel movement.



answers from New York on

The rice cereal is probably the cause. You can give her a little prune juice (1oz water to 1oz prune juice) or you can give her jarred prunes with her rice cereal. Either way. If you call the doctor they are going to tell you the same thing. My son is 11 weeks old and he is on the Enfamil A.R. Lipil, which is the formula with added rice cereal so it's heavier and it stays down in the stomach. He has some pretty bad reflux. And let me tell you, the constipation was/is awful. I have to give him 1-1 1/2 ounces of prune juice a day (I mix it with the water in his bottle) just so he can poop everyday. If I skip a day, he gets constipated. Rice is so very constipating. Especially for little baby tummies. Prunes are a good and natural way to remedy it. Good luck and if you have any questions feel free to ask. But don't forget, no more than 1-2 oz a day!



answers from New York on

A few things. First a baby does not need to poop every day. However, if she usually goes every day, I would be concerned after 36 hours, and give your doctor a call.

Keep in mind rice cereal can be binding. You may have also eaten something that you passed along to her in the breastmilk.

My daughter suffered from cronic constipation, which did not start until arround 12 months. One thing that I was told to do was to stimulate the rectum. Using a rectal themometer or a q-tip generously covered in petrolum jelly gently insert it into the retum for a minute or two.

Has your daughter been introduced to any fruits yet? You may want to give her some prunes, appricots or pears. Also, give her some water.



answers from Buffalo on

Rice cereal (as you know) has lost of iron which is constipating. Not to mention the iron is not esily absorbed anyway, so they have to bulk it up with extra iron, so baby gets some absorbed. I skipped the cereals altogether and went straight to fruits and veggies. Breastfeeding will insure she gets all the iron she needs (as long as you arent deficient.) Its less iron than cereal, but its all absorbed, so it is sufficient. On another note, breastmilk has natural laxatives in it, so keep nursing...she will poop. Keep in mind it is perfectly normal for breast babies to not poop for more than a week at a time. Keep nursing and it will eventually flush out that binding cereal. Good luck!

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