Need Advice - How Do You Start Massive Weight Loss?

Updated on March 14, 2008
A.D. asks from Carrollton, TX
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I seriously need to lose weight. To even reach the top of my "medically acceptable weight range" I will need to lose about 140 pounds.
That is INSANE. How did I let this happen?????????????????
How do I even begin???? I feel like quitting before I can even start.
I can't do sugery - my insurance won't cover it. I really can't afford a gym membership, either.
How does one do this on their own?????
Can anyone help?

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So What Happened?

Thank you all for your advice and support. I received a generous offer from someone who really wanted to help me. She has become my personal trainer and I go to her gym 3 times a week. She is my angel in disguise. I have only been going for a week and I have already lost 3 pounds.
Thank you all, again!!!

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I started at 245 when I joined WW and lost 25 lbs then found out I was pregnant and was 263 the day I had my son. I went back to WW and started walking and exercise now and down to 172 and Loving life. I was going through depression, divorce, financial issues but still was able to lose weigh with everything i was going through. I can't believe i ever let myself get that way. I was Always thin and fit. I am now dating again while my ex is gaining and miserable.

You can do it.

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Hi A.,
Congrats for taking the first step to losing weight. There are so many free on-line resources for you. I know this site sounds harsh but it's very thorough and funny.... it's called started by 3 sisters that wanted to lose weight and did. Check it out.

Also, you might check to see if your flexible spending account can be used to pay for your gym membership, IF your doctor writes a prescription for it as part of a weight loss program, I think you can use it.

But that's only if you do the flexible spending plan at yours or your husbands work. Also, walking is a great way to get started, too.

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Hi A.,
My mom was overweight after having 4 children. It is very very dangerous to your health. She passed away at only 49 from heart failure due to this. You do not need a gym membership to get in shape. The 2 most important things are your food intake, and cardio activity. For cardio, you can easily walk around your neighborhood. Power walking is better than running. Just walk for 30 min everyday. Once you have done it for a month, you can start carrying little 5lb weights when you walk. Walk as fast as you comfortably can. Take you're 1 yr old with you in his stroller if possible!
When grocery shopping, stay AWAY from the junk. You do not need to totally cut out carbs,but I would limit them to breakfast and lunch and go light in the evening. Look at your food portions. They say you should not eat more than can fit in your hand but that is hard to do when you're the trick is not to get hungry. Snack all day. Low fat mozzerella cheesesticks(not breaded!!),carrots,apples,cottage cheese,protein can eat this in between meals. Keep your meals small. If you eat out, you should only eat about half your plate. Soon, your stomach will shrink and you will find yourself getting fuller quicker.
Never skip breakfast. Drink a shake(slimfast) if you dont have time to make breakfast but never skip. Before lunch you should have a little snack. I love cheesticks because you can take them in your purse and they are delicious at room temperature. You dont necessariy have to order a salad for lunch. You can get a burger, just say no to fries(substitue with fruit if possible),and take the top slice of bread off. No mayo either. Cut it and eat with a fork. Later you can have another snack before dinner.
And for dinner, I'd stick with grilled chicken,fish,tuna,greek salad,or you can buy those eat right frozen dinners. I think they are jenny craig dinners??
Stay away from pasta and anything heavy for those type of things for lunch,but again, keep the portions small!!
Keep active with your walking and you will lose weight.
Start tomorrow. There's no reason to put it off.
Remember, for this to work, the trick is not let yourself get hungry. Repeat it like a mantra,"healthy snacks,little portions". And powerwalk.
Good luck! :)

ps- when you crave sugar, try sweets that are made with splenda rather than with real sugar. or eat fruit. mangos are great but try your hardest NOT to eat anything sweet(including fruit)at least 4 hrs beforre you go to bed. you can have a healthy snack after dinner.

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Hello A. I dont know what part of town you live in but I teach a group of people in Fort Worth 76115 zip code 4 days a week M,W,F, @ Sat. We exercise and go over nutrition basics. Being with a group of others trying to attain the same goal is very helpful. Let me know if your interested and I'd be glad to give your more information. It's tough to do this alone, join a group that will help motivate and push you.
Hope to hear from you soon S.`



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Hey A.,

According to my height and BMI I need to lose about 60 lb. I have already lost 15 (it's been about 6 weeks since I started). I looked on the internet and for my current weight it said I was consuming around 3200 calories to maintain my current weight. I could not believe it! But when I evaluated my diet it was right. I cut my calories in half, I drink LOTS of water, I started walking 30 min. a day and every other day doing a 20 min. aerobic tape. On the weekend I may work out on Sat. and I eat whatever I want. That way I don't feel like I'm depriving myself. Like one of the other posting said once your body gets used to not being "stuffed" you will be able to eat less and feel full. GOOD LUCK!! P.S. I write down everything I eat and I only weigh myself every 6 wk.



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Hi A.!! First of all, kudoos to you for getting started and asking for help!! I would suggest starting off moderately, because if your first goal is too hard (unattainable) you'll quit. You need to make daily, weekly, monthly and 1/2 yr goals. Eat a nutritious breakfast, light mid am snack, nutritious lunch, light mid afternoon snack, nutritious dinner and after dinner snack. All small, but filling and nutritious. Try and cut out sweets and junk. Maybe treat yourself on the weekend...a small desert or whatever your favorite indulgence is. Start much as you can and eventually you'll build up. When you've started to lose weight, start doing some crunches, leg lifts, walking lunges, push ups, reverse push ups. The more in shape and weight you lose the more reps you can add. The most important thing is to have someone to be accountable to besides just yourself. Also, remember just because you might cheat one time, one day or even the week, don't quit altogether...start again and you'll do it! It will take time, but it will be worth it, especially when you see what you'll be able to do with those precious kids of yours!!

Remember, you CAN do it!!! Have your husband help you...get a friend to help you, whatever it takes. Your health is very important for you and your family!

Good luck and keep us posted!!




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My sister recently lost 50 pounds in thee last six months without exercise and without folowing any type of "diet" plan.

All she did was drink lots and LOTS of water (in fact, she only drank water and an occasional glass of iced tea as a splurge), ate her last meal early (before 6:00) and ate all of her meals out of a bowl or saucer instead of a plate. She said she still ate whatever she wanted, just drastically reduced the portion size and drank a glass of water before and after each meal.

Sounds too common-sense to work, but it has and she has been able to keep it off and is still losing!

Good luck to you!



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Hi A. - first, congrats on making the decision to lose weight. To answer your question on how do you do this? The same way you put on the day at a time. Set a schedule for yourself, get your body moving - walking everyday is a great FREE way to start increasing your metabolic rate. Drink plenty of water, clean out the cabinets. WILL POWER IS LEAVING THE JUNK FOOD AT THE STORE!! Make getting healthy a family project.

Don't look at it as trying to lose 140 pounds....look at it as releasing excess fat, building lean muscle and re-creating your body, mind and soul.

I can recommend some great supplements (I used them to drop 40+ pounds and it's been over a year now since the weight came's still gone!).

Best of success in your endeavor and keep us posted as you lose!



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Hey A. - You go girl! The hardest part is over - getting to the point where you are sick and tired of being sick and tired and willing to do something about it!!!
I am in a similar situation after some major back surgery and then a "surprise" pregnancy. I can easily say that I need to lose a minimum of 75 lbs - I just joined Weight Watchers because I KNOW that I can't do it alone, and I live way out in the boonies, so joining a group like that is the only option I have at the moment. (my hubby is supportive, but he doesn't have and never had weight issues so he doesn't really get it!!)
I am just beginning but am optimistic, even though because of my back surgery I can't exercise (even walking is difficult, and having to care for a sweet 9 mo.old is tough enough), I do know that changing my eating habits (that had gotten more than a bit sloppy!) is the best thing I can do - and the most important thing to remember is ONE DAY AT A TIME!! We didn't get this way overnight - it's not going to change overnight = I'm saying this as much for myself as for you.
Just hang in there - you said you got a personal trainer - that's awesome! Follow their advise, take cues from the suggestions you got on this site - all the tricks can come in handy -- I know what it takes as much as you do - the thickness between the ears is what needs to change as much as the diet and exercise - make the choice for HEALTHY LIVING - it's not a diet.
Enlist the support of anyone around you, to keep you accountable!!! Remember though - you are doing this for you, not just for any other reason!!! Stick with it and I will be praying for you, Hopefully down the road I will see a post telling of your success!! (feel free to email me if you want a "support buddy" would probably be good for both of us!) God Bless! B.



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I have lost 80 pounds over the last year and still loosing. Part of this was due to illness, but there are a few things that helped me. First and foremost is my relationship with food.
I suggest letting yourself feel hungar at least once a day. Forget fad diets that you will tire of in a month. Take small portions of what you need and allow a bit of what you crave and when you have finished, if you still feel hungry, give yourself ten minutes before you have more food. There is a direct correlation between how much food you need to take in and how many calories you are burning on any given day. Coke and high calorie drinks can completely undermine any diet. Make friends with tea, water and Splenda. Remember hungar is your friend too. I have found that I feel better slightly hungry than way too full. Excercise any way you can to start. Walk, stretch, don't push yourself too much especially at first, but push yourself to get up and do things. Take on active projects. Get things done around the house and change food-type rewards to other kinds of rewards like getting your hair or nails done, or a massage.
It is amazing how little we need to eat to stay alive, but don't feel like you must eat everything on your plate or even order dinner with every one else just because they are ready to eat. It's okay to satisfy a craving for ice cream if you can take a lick or two and throw it away. My observations about loosing weight have come over time and I constantly add to these perspectives. I hope this helps you start down a new road of your own invention. It must start with you.
C. S.

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