Need Advice for Skin Issues- Looking for Dermatologist on the West or North Side

Updated on August 22, 2008
J.N. asks from Arvada, CO
6 answers

After my daughter's birth I have had dry patches of skin behind my knees and on my thigh that I cannot seem to get rid of! They almost seem raised/puffy and can get itchy. I have been using Hydrocortisone cream, which helps some but not enough to get them to go away completely. Any suggestions for treating it, and any recommendations for a dermatologist on the west or north side of town (I live in Arvada)?


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answers from Denver on

Hi J.,

First, I would try Body Balance. It's a liquid nutritional supplement made from aloe juice and sea veggies.... it's extremely hydrating (due to the aloe content) and many people have had great results w/ skin issues such as yours. You can find it here:

As far as a dermatologist, I recommend Sheila Boyle. She's in Westminster and here's her address:

9101 Harlan St Unit 155
Boyle Family Dermatology
Westminster, CO 80031

I don't have her # handy, but you can find it on Google.

Hope this helps and good luck!




answers from Denver on

I would talk to your daughter's dr about it at her next appt and see what the dr would recommend. The dr should be able to recommend a dermatologist - but make sure to ask for a pediatric dermatolgoist. My daughter has extreme eszama and originally we went to a regular dermatoligist and she wasn't sure how to handle eszama in a young child. Children's Hospital has an excellent dermatology department if your insurance covers them. Also, use cream, not lotion, as lotion actually will dry out the skin. Good luck!



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I almost hate to do this, since I don't know any dermatologists in the area (I'm also in Arvada), but I do have a product I think will help. Unfortunately, I'm a very poor "sales" person, so if you'd like to try it, contact me and I'll give you a sample.
Good luck to you -- dry itchy skin is annoying! Hope you find something that works!!



answers from Denver on

It sounds like excema. You probably need a higher concentration of cortisone, but I don't know a good dermatologist. I used one in wheat ridge but it was years ago. Also, apply the hydrocortisone regularly as directed until it is gone, alternating cortisone then 2 hrs later cetaphil, keeping the areas moist and covered ( a lot like a burn). For my children's excema, we've had the best results with cetaphil cleaner and lotion. The aveeno products have oatmeal in them which can exacerbate the problem and the eucerin and aquaphor didn't work either. Check w/ national jewish hospital for a research study because excema is related to asthma, and parents with excema can have increased asthma symptoms in their kids . Both my boys are seen at national jewish for excema and asthma research studies and early treatment.
M, RN.



answers from Denver on

i would try eucerin or aquaphor if you use avon products i would suggest tring moisture therapy intensive. how about bag balm or butt paste or mentholatum. sometimes in warm places like behind your knees it could be yeast infection. so if your daughter has some nystatin try it . hope this helps till you find a dermatologist. good luck and god bless



answers from Denver on

Hi J.!

I know of a wonderful dermatologist ... Dr. Gallagher with the Boulder Center of Dermatology. I believe he has offices in Boulder and Louisville. You may want to check to see if he has other locations.

You may want to check out Melaleuca (wellness company) ... it offers an incredible lotion that helps with dry skin. It also manufactures a full-line of more natural home cleaning products. I love the laundry detergent and find it makes a difference with dry skin as well. Message me if you want the website link or details.

Good luck!

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