Need Advice for Best Airline/website for Travel to Hawaii (January)

Updated on December 30, 2009
T.S. asks from Zionsville, IN
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I haven't flown in 3 years, so *bleeping* Northwest Airlines cancelled the mileage I planned to use! I used Northwest exclusively for years and years flying thousands of miles, so I figured I'd have a free or at least upgraded ticket. Nothing. SO, my question is should I start looking at something like Orbitz, a travel agent, or what to get a good fare next month? Thanks....

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So What Happened?

WOW, guys! I just booked a flight from Indy to Maui for $470!!! On Travelocity!
Thanks! (ok, the catch is I travel for 19 hours. Ugh. The 12 hour deal was only $606)
The fares changed from when I checked @ 2pm to again @ 3pm!!

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answers from Cincinnati on

My mileage from 1993 was still in my account. Since they merged, I had to manually link it up to Delta for the miles to convert over to Skymiles (Delta's program). I recently finally used the miles. Back in the day, Northwest proudly advertised that the mileage NEVER expires. Not sure if that still is the case anymore.

As to low fares, I sign up to expedia and travelocity's low fare e-mail alerts for certain routes I'm interested in. I also subscribe to I've had very good luck with getting great deals through priceline's name your own price for hotels.

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answers from Columbus on

Your mileage should be with Delta now. I traveled to Japan several times between 1997-2001 and had accumulated a lot of air miles with Northwest. I just redeemed then yesterday for a trip to Salt Lake City - still good, but through Delta now. If you have your member number/pin you should be able to login on Delta's website.

Good luck!

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answers from Dayton on

I always use expedia, and then go to the website of the cheapest airline and it is usually even cheaper. Expedia will o flight/hotel packages, that's what we use when we went to Maui.

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answers from Lafayette on is great, they search almost all the websites like orbitz and then all the airline pages, too. southwest doesn't let anybody search their site, so be sure to check out , too. we usually find the cheapest fares on southwest.

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answers from Youngstown on

Travel agent will cost you more in the long run, I think. Online good sites are orbitz or travelocity. Sometimes you get the best deal with the airline directley. Always check about a month out before you fly. Have a fun trip.

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answers from Indianapolis on

Use It searches other travel sights for the best deals on anything travel.

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