Need Advice for an Otoscope (Earscope)

Updated on June 11, 2009
E.F. asks from Herriman, UT
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My little baby keeps getting ear aches. I would like to purchase an otoscope to monitor when I need to take him in to the ped. There are a few out there that I am thinking about but I would like to know if any one has one brand that they love or hate and why. I am thinking of Notoco- for the double focus or Dr Mom (Pro- Physician Diagnostics)for the LED Light option. Any advice for me?

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My son had constant ear infections early on. It came upon around teething, colds or whatever as fluid would trap in his ear canals and cause infections. We had tubes put in at 2 1/2 and it was a miracle worker The rule of thumb from my Pediatrician was if the ear ache is so painful it causes a lot of sleep disruption (and tylenol did not help) or causes a fever that lasts more then 48 hours (higher then 101) then to bring them in. Chronic ear infections are due to something not working right in their ear canal and tubes could help big time. If you know what you are looking for and how to determine if it is serious that is great that they have something out there to help moms determine that! :)



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Because it is really hard to know what you are looking for -- I purchased an Ear Check monitor from Walmart -- they are about the same as an Otoscope -- but you put it in the ear and it sends an audible signal and tells you if there is fluid in the ear canal -- it tells you when to contact the doc. This has been right 100% -- our pediatrician recommends this over the otoscope, because they are so hard to use!




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The Dr Mom Pro. looks like a good one. You could also check with a nurse at your Ped's office to see what they would recommend. Or go by your local medical supply store.



answers from Boise on

That is the Otoscope I finely went with, and then he would not hold still enough for me to actually use it, we still have it. It works great for if I wanted to see in my husbands ear, I just was too nervous to use it in my squirming son. Maybe I should have waited till he was asleep.

My sons first ear infection was at 12 months,and then he had three more in the next four months.
The bigger problem (IMO) was the fluid on his ears that did not seem to completely drain making it hard for him to hear clearly and thus not making as many noises or speak. So When he was 16 months he had tubes put in and we have not had any ear infections since. Also with in days of the tubes put in he had a few words. He is catching up verbally.

mother to Kai (19 1/2 months)

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