Need a Vet in Grayslake Area

Updated on June 26, 2009
M.H. asks from Grayslake, IL
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Our adopted cat, who we think is between 7-9 years old (female) has recently started having problems using her litter box. It used to just be with poop, and mostly related to our other cat a 4 year old male. We though when we moved and she had more room to her self it would stop, and it did get better for awhile.

Well now she has also started urinating outside the box and she is not just doing it in the unfinished basement (where he box is) last week she moved it upstairs to my hundred year old floor and a brand new rug! So I need to find a vet and fast! However I am new to the are and would love some recs (good and especially bad!) rather then just randomly picking one.


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I have been taking my 2 dogs and cat to Grayslake Animal Hospital for the last 3 years. I have seen a few different doctors and they have all been very nice. The front desk staff is nice and helpful too, which sometimes is hard to find in any doctors office......animal or human.
Hope it helps.




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Best Friends Animal Hospital on Route 83. They are great and very compassionate. I currently go there with my Belguim Sheppard.

S. T



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Hi M.,

Funny, I moved here (round lake beach) from the city too, mostly b/c it's all we could afford, but now I want to move back to the city to be closer to my hubby's work.

Anyways, I can't my babies to Grayslake animal hospital on rt 120, just west of 45. Dr. Harte is the best. He's been with all 4 of my babies, and now I'm down to only 1:( Luckily, one of my babies, a cat, is living with my mom, and not in heaven with the other two. THe cat that's living with my mom was having litter box problems as well. I thought is my be behavioral, b/c she started after my second child was born, and then stopped, but then started again after my 3rd was born. she was peeing on everything, concentrating on the placed/things my baby would be on. HE did tests just to rule out any problems, but she was healthy as could be, so he deteremined it was behavioral. Dr. Harte is just awesome, IMO. He was also with me through 2 years of health problems with my boxer. He didn't do stuff he didn't think was necessary, and he actually didn't do a few tests he normally would have with my boxer b/c he knew her heart wouldn't be able to handle it. I highly recommend him. I did go once or twice to Lindehurst animal hospital before Grayslake, but stopped with the dr. wanted me to take my dogs to a pet shrink. I hope this info helped. Best of luck



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We love Dr. Swearingen from Animas Veterinary, just off route 120 in Grayslake, 320 Neville Dr, Grayslake, IL ###-###-#### Someone also mentioned Best Friends, and our neighbor goes there and likes them as well. Good luck :)

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