Need a Temporary Job - Where Can I Make Decent Money??

Updated on September 06, 2008
P.H. asks from Allen, TX
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Hi Ladies,

I need a job that may or may not be temporary. A few months ago i quit my job of 14 years as a project manager to concentrate on building my own online business, so hopefully this business will support me within the year. In the meantime, I want to work somewhere low-stress so I can leave the job each day and concentrate on my family and my start-up company during my off time. The question is, where can I make MORE than $10 per hour?? I'm thinking somewhere like Target, Borders, Kroger, being a receptionist, etc. Part of my problem is that I've been looking on CareerBuilder. I've applied online for probably 50 jobs and have only heard back from ONE employer. I want to know where I can WALK IN and fill out an application and actually talk to somebody about the job. Being able to work during the day (not evenings) would be great but i realize that might be an unrealistic expectation. So, do any of you know of a particular store or place that pays more than $10 per hour? BTW, I don't think I could handle the physical demands of being a server in a restaurant...although with tips that could be a decent idea.

TIA for your ideas!!...and please, no suggestions for in-home jobs where I sell something. I need an income I can count on that will start paying as soon as I start the job. :0)

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Try some of the Goodwill stores, they hire people routinely and pay well.



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Hi P.. I have a friend who runs an office for a landscape company in Dallas. She is pregnant with her second baby and is looking for someone part time to work with her until she has the baby, then they would take over full time while she is on maternity leave. Daytime hours only. Not sure where you are but job is near LBJ and Luna. Message me if you are interested and I can give you more details.



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Retail might require a lot of nights and weekends since that is their busiest time. How about a teachers aide or preschool teacher? You could sign up with a temp agency for office work.



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My husband was recently looking for work after being laid off and said he never had any luck with CareerBuilder; never had any responses when he applied through them, but would get replies through other sites for the same job! I'd try Craigslist.

I worked for Borders until my second baby came & I decided to stay home. I LOVED working for them, going from a part time cafe seller to a supervisor. I had a great time, the people were awesome...I really did look forward to going to work every day. That said, the pay was nowhere near $10.00/hour and daytime hours were hard to come by until I got a position which required working them for receiving orders. So maybe if you apply to Borders and ask for working the Inventory Processing Team, you'd get the daytime hours. Borders does have an application kiosk in store but I rarely knew a manager to speak to someone as they applied or just after; they have to see some test scores before they can move forward.

I've also waited table, but that was years ago and I know what you mean about the physical demands! But if you get lunches then it's not so bad. Those weekend nights and doubles are the killers! But a restaurant is a good bet for daytime hours. I worked at Chilis for several years and lunch hours were 10 or 11a to anywhere from 1p to 3:45p, depending on the station to which you were assigned and how busy the day was. Ofcourse, dinners were more lucrative, but lunches in a good station would bring in pretty good cash.

Best of luck to you! I hope you can find something soon!

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