Need a Shirt That I Can Not Find

Updated on July 24, 2008
C.W. asks from Flower Mound, TX
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I have this idea for a shirt and I cannot find it anywhere. My friend is about to have her third baby and I would like to get it for her other 2 kids. I got my idea from this website the one that I would like would say, "Super Brother" and the other, "Super Sister" both with the silk screen belt on front and removable cape. Any Suggestions? I have searched google and did not find anything. Thanks Mamas!

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I am not sure if she can but give Kim Bransford a call. She owns Nana Puddins Boutique and might be able to come up with something close to this. She is very creative. Her phone number is ###-###-####.

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the cape may be hard to find, but try a search at cafepress. They have a ton of unique designs.



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this site has custom tees also. not sure if they can do all that you want. you may have to sew a cape on (or pin one on) yourself.



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When I had my second, my older son wore a shirt to the hospital that I had embroidered with "I am Carter's BIB Brother"

I bought a nice plain T-Shirt at Target and took it to "Embroider Me" (by Albertsons on 377) and they did a great job. You could probably make the cape with material from Wal-Mart and some simple stitching... that embroider shop may do that as well.

Good Luck! Cute idea!!

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