Need a Rec. for a Plumber

Updated on April 03, 2009
K.G. asks from Allen, TX
5 answers

any recs. for a good/ reliable plumber in the allen/plano/mckinney// area? Thank s for your help.

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answers from Dallas on

Flow Rite Plumbing

We have used this company two times (water heater issue and crack in pipe in front yard); this company is responsive, thorough, and has been totally reasonable in costs both times. HIGHLY HIGHLY Recommend and will DEFINITELY use again.

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answers from Dallas on

Stanley has done several jobs for me, big & small. I won't use anyone else. Give him a call. He's fantastic and the most reasonably priced guy you can find. His number is ###-###-####.

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answers from Dallas on

We use Classic Plumbing in Plano. ###-###-####

We have always been given a fair price, the people who come out do quality work and have always been on time.

We ripped out the 2 original water heaters we had when we built this house in 2000 and Classic installed new and upgraded water heaters, piping and everything for them. That was the largest project we had and we've had no issues.

Good luck!

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answers from Dallas on

We use Bewley Plumbing, who have been great for us. The past two times, they've actually shown DH how to fix things himself, so we can save money and hire them less!



answers from Dallas on

I second Stanley! He was so professional, did a great job and at such a reasonable price! All our toilets were stopped up and he had to clear the main line and only charged us for a half hour. Two days later, we had an issue with our washing machine, it was the kitchen sink line and he came out, cleared it in 20 minutes and refused payment because he said he should of done it the first time. We felt he was going way above and beyond and had to force him to take $20 that we felt he definitely deserved because if he had done it the first time, we would of been charged for a whole hour so we were still getting a great deal. He's such a great man and he loves children, not minding at all that my four year old wanted to be his helper even though he was in the way. I will never, never, never use any other plumber! In the past, the others always charged a minimum of an hour and were never the friendliest guys. He treats us moms like he treats his own and really knows what he's doing! Have I convinced you? Stanley is the best! =)

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