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Updated on April 11, 2009
O.L. asks from Denver, CO
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First off, should I pick one over the other? My 4-year-old DS just got his eyes checked at the pediatrician and likely needs glasses. Is it a good idea to get hooked up with an ophthalmologist from the get-go, just in case?

We have UHC and I have a big, long list of docs...but if anyone has any specific recommendations (or UNrecommendations) I'd appreciate those. I'll check them against my list.

Thanks in advance!

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So What Happened?

We ended up seeing Dr. King at Children's Eye Physicians. Now I don't know if he was just having a bad day or what, but I didn't like him at ALL. I had been so pleased with the assistant (?) who first checked my boys, so I was ready for Dr. King to be great!

:( I thought he was disrespectful to my son (my son asked a few questions and he didn't even answer him!) and he was completely dismissive of some concerns I brought up about the baby. In fact, I'd say he was both rude & condescending to me about my baby's wandering eye. He literally told me, 'If it doesn't happen in the office there's nothing I can do about it.'

Contrast that with today when I saw my optometrist. Even though the appt wasn't about the baby, he talked with me for at LEAST 5 minutes about him and said that I do have reason to be concerned, and that they *know* that stuff like that doesn't always show up at the office visit. He said, 'The parents brought the kid in for a reason, so there must be a problem.' Guess which doc my kids will go to next time? ;)

Either way, I very much appreciate the input. Thanks, ladies! :)

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We see Dr.Cohen at Children's eye physicians in the tech center area, they do a good job. Highland family Optical is good too for the glasses, they are expensive but have a warranty on the glasses which is nice at that age, the glasses get broken and damaged alot in the beginning.



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I have a lot of trouble with my eyes. I would say start with an optometrist. If you need it, they should be able to recommend an ophthalmologist. I use Park Ridge Vision in Lone Tree. They are very good and they treat the entire family. I've had a number of different eye docs over my more than 25 years of glasses, contacts, etc, and they are definitely the most professional and most thorough I've ever seen.



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One of our twin daughters was born with a cataract in her right eye. We have been going to Children's Eye Physicians (with which Dr. King is associated) since she was two months old. She will be 8 years old this month. They have many opthamologists on staff as well as at least one optometrist. We have seen a couple of doctors in the practice but our favorite (and now regular doc) is Dr. Anna Steel. She is great with young children. We normally go to the Centennial office (near Park Meadows) but have also been to the other offices on occasion over the years.

We also have UHC so I know it is accepted in their office.



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start w/opthalmologist at that age. an optometrist won't be able to do the extensive testing needed to determine if there's an underlying issue or if he just needs vision correction. If its just vision correction, you can switch after the first visit.
you have a whopping 2 choices in Denver for pediatric opthamology - Children's Eye Physicians (multiple locations in the metro area) and Children's hospital.
I've not been thrilled w/Children's Eye Physicians so we're trying Children's hospital for a second opnion next month for my little girl (now 5 1/2). For a pediatric practice, children's eye physicians is not very welcoming of kids or of kids being kids - they've had little patience w/my little girl being scared (we started when she was three) and I'm appalled at the waiting area at 52nd and Ward - almost no toys or kids' magazines - they seem to want you to plop them in front of the TV that's always running. I understand their using the TV during an exam because most kids are so entranced it keeps their eyes focused where the docs need them to be but if you have kids like mine who don't take well to the TV being randomly (in the kids' minds) shut on and off, it's rough on the kid.
That said, you should go to a pediatric practice, so you take what you can get. Note that my pediatrician uses children's eye physicians for her son and isn't much happier than I am but again - there's really no choices. We've seen DeSantis and Ruth - both are decent docs.

I've been much happier w/my optometrist for my son - but he has no issues - vision is perfectly normal so we're just checking every couple of years. My optometrist treats my son as a real human - explains everything he's doing before he does it, includes him in the conversation, etc.

good luck



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My 8 year old daughter has had significant vision issues since being diagnosed just before she turned 3. We go to Dr. Bob King at Children's Eye Physicians. I have heard good things about all the docs there, but we love Dr. King. They have an office in Wheat Ridge and down south, off of Quebec between Dry Creek and County Line Road. We have United, as well, so I know they take it. Good luck!



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We LOVE the care we've gotten at Children's Eye Physicians! They are so good. Every kid there seems to be having a great time. Our son loves the doctor and the assistants. I cannot rave about them enough. When I found out our 2 yo needed glasses, I was really apprehensive about everything, but they are great. They have a ton of docs and several offices around town. They can usually get you in really fast, too. I think you'll find your son does great there. I think all the docs are ophthalmologists, but if not, and you want one, I know ours is. I'd have to call and check, but I think we see Dr. Bardorf. They're phone number is ###-###-####. They'll let you know what offices are available and you can pick one near you. GL!



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If you go to Children's Eye Physicians, which I highly reccomend-my son has significant vision impairement and we have gone there from the beginning- try to get in with Dr. King. He is by far the best Ped. Opthalmologist in Colorado!

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