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Updated on July 13, 2007
S. asks from Alamogordo, NM
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Hello I am needing a new OBGYN hopefully delivering out of Baylor or North Richland hills. We have Aenta insurance. I had a doctor I did not like and now need a new one. please if anyone has any recomandations I would love to hear from you. we live in the Keller area so if you no of any one close that would be great.

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So What Happened?

I just want to say thanks to all how have responded. And I will let you know how it goes. Thanks again. S.

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I see Dr. Katrina Allen, and she delivers at Baylor. She is a part of Women's Integrated Healthcare in Grapevine. The office has an all female staff. I've had nothing but great experiences with the practice, and I really like Dr. Allen.

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I use the Womans Group...Dr. S. Carson-Henderson. She was great! I lived in Euless at the time and used her...her office is next to the Harris Methodist Hospital in Bedford. We now live in Keller (we moved here a month before our daughter was born) and she has in office in Keller/Southlake area as well...she is only there on certain days and times though.

She delivers only at the Harris Methodist Hospital in Bedford. I love delivering there...nice rooms. She is very understanding...I felt as if my baby was going to tear out of my stomach and was in horrible pain that she induced me a week early.

I am picky re my OBGYN due to some emotional issues that I have and I have to have a woman doctor. She is very kind and has a great disposition.

Hope this helps.


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I use Dr. Charles Safely, he has been great for me! He is out of North Hills Hospital. My Aunt started using him back in 97, thats when I went to him, then have been with him since. He has delivered both of my kids, both of my cousins, both of her best friends, and one of my friends babies!



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I'm 7 mths pregnant and I am using Dr. Patrick Allen, he delivers out of North Richland Hills. He is awesome! This is my third baby, but my first time going to him (my sister referred me to him). One big thing I like... They do at least three ultrasounds there, more if needed. My last Dr. only did one the whole pregnancy, and wouldn't record it or anything. Dr. Allen's office will record it onto a DVD or VHS everytime they do an ultrasound! Ok, so that's not the most important thing to look for in an OB but it certainly is a plus!

He has two offices, one right next to the hospital (which is where they do all the ultrasounds) and one off of Basswood.

I also have Aetna insurance so I know that won't be a problem for you.



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Dr. Troy New is awesome. He is at Baylor Grapevine.



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both of the dr's mentioned would be good choices, there are so many in the Baylor Grapevine system. If you are considering NRH and North Hills Hospital Dr Alcalen and Dr Allen over there are really good Dr's as well. Dr Alcalen is a mother of 2 and very caring and nurturing.

Good Luck,
K. @ The Nestingplace



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I go to Dr. Barbara Webster and she has two offices, one near Harris HEB and one in Southlake... She is wonderful!


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Oh yes, if you don't mind going to North Hills Hospital, I LOVE Dr. Allen. He delivered my first and will be delivering my second in December.

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