Need a Light, GOOD Book for Hospital Stay

Updated on July 14, 2011
R.W. asks from Salt Lake City, UT
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I'm due in the next 2-3 weeks to have my baby, and I'm wanting to take along a good book to read if/when I have some down time. My last two births, I got so bored watching tv! I'm looking for a quick, light read that you couldn't put down, like a cheesy romance or something. Nothing too deep that I'll have to focus on to understand,haha! Thanks ladies!!

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answers from Kansas City on

More power to you if you can actually read while in the hospital! I barely even watched TV with all the visitors and baby stuff! I would suggest the Stephanie Plum series by Janet Evanovich. They are all about Stephanie, a sort of bumbling, accident prone, bounty hunter who has two hot boyfriends! They are way cute and make me laugh out loud with each one. The latest one is a bit racier than the others, but they are all fun and mindless!

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answers from Los Angeles on

Have you read the Jenny Macarthy (sp?) books about becoming a mommy and being pregnant? Those are hilarious!!!

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answers from New York on

S*hit My Dad Says- no literary value, but actually made me laugh out loud
Now I Know Why My Parents Drank (Jay Moehr)- same as above
The Help

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answers from Boston on

How about just splurging on every magazine at the news stand? For vacation I always buy all those gossipy ones I find too silly to buy normally, as well as a GQ and a Vogue and perhaps a Time or Newsweek or Reader's Digest with lots of short stories. That way you will have a lot of choice and can leave the nurses something fun for their down time when you leave!

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answers from Phoenix on

Garden Spells by Sara Addison Allen - light romance/family story with a little magic twist, definitely more of a fun fiction book than a fantasy/sci fi novel.

The Physick Book of Deliverance Dane - similar little touch of magic, has a lot about the Salem witch trials but the story moves quickly, has a little romance, and isn't nearly as dark as you might think.

The Shopoholic books- these are pure brain candy, I loved them, silly and fun, definitely nice and light for the hospital stay!

The Black Dagger Brotherhood series by JR Ward - vampire romance novels

If you need any more suggestions, just PM me what you like! I read about 2-3 books per week and all different genres, so I could go on and on...

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answers from Sacramento on

Bossypants -- Tina Fey

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answers from Janesville-Beloit on

I second the suggestions of The Help (so good I read it in 24 hours!) or any of the Shopoholic books (light, laugh-out-loud funny). Good luck!



answers from Salt Lake City on

Some books that are very easy and light hearted reads are the books by Alexander McCall Smith. I just about read all 7 of, The No. 1 Detective Agency series with my #2 baby during that first week.


answers from Spokane on

I second Erika M.'s recommendation for the Black Dagger Brotherhood series! I loved them!!



answers from Detroit on

Any book by Jennifer Crusie. Courtney Milan has a couple of good ones too. I can only recommend romance as most things I read outside of that genre tend to not be light and fluffy.



answers from Houston on

"Size 12 is Not Fat" by Meg Cabot. Cute, funny, light, easy read. You fly through them. The title alone is what caught my eye. The sequels are "Size 14 is Not Fat Either" and "Big Boned".



answers from Norfolk on

i am obsessed with the Sookie Stackhouse series by Charlaine Harris, it's the series that the show TrueBlood is based off of and it is SO good! Congratulations on your near arrival :)



answers from Kokomo on

I second the recommendation for Jennifer Crusie. My favorites are "Agnes and the Hitman" and "Welcome to Temptation." They are romance novels but very funny with plots that flow well.



answers from Kansas City on

Get a Mother/Children's Chicken soup for the Soul book! Hopefully that will keep you remembering why your doing what your doing! LOL!!


answers from Los Angeles on

My mother read to me from her book when I was in the hospital. It was so good, it really passed the time. She read it to me also while nursing and pumping. I almost could not wait until the next feeding! It was called "Shaddered Dreams: my life as a polygamist wife". A true story, and one you can't put down.



answers from Denver on

I second the Sarah Addison Allen books, Garden Spells, Sugar Queen or The Girl Who Chased the Moon. I just started her latest book, The Peach Keeper, yesterday. I love these books for summer reads. I also loved The Help.

Congratulations on your upcoming arrival!



answers from Tallahassee on

Dawn Meehan has some funny and light read books out. She's a single mom of 6 kids and she's so funny and also a talented writer. I subscribe to her blog. Her books are - Because I Said So (And Other Tales from a Less-Than-Perfect Parent) and You’ll Lose the Baby Weight (And OTHER LIES About Pregnancy and Childbirth).



answers from San Diego on

The Sookie Stackhouse and Twilight books are really quick. I read all the Harry Potter books the last few weeks of my first pregnancy.



answers from Denver on

Janent Evanovich and Charlotte Hughes book "Full Bloom," funnest book you will ever read. I loan it out to all my freinds when they need a pick me up. The rest of the books in the series are ok. It is a light romance/mystery.

Congradulation on the new baby



answers from Salt Lake City on

I just read (for the 2nd time) Austinland by Shannon Hale. A woman is trying to get over her infatuation with the character of Mr Darcy and decided that a trip to a resort in England where they act like people from Jane Austin's regency period will be a good way to purge it.
It's light, funny, romantic, and CLEAN! Loved it again!

Another light, quick read I've been in love with lately is the Percy Jackson series by Rick Riordan. They are written for upper elementary to early secondary school, so it is a pretty easy read, but the story is well done and pulls you in (and it's way better than the movie!)



answers from Great Falls on

Cathy Lamb books - especially the first one but they're all great!


answers from Los Angeles on

I just started reading the "Song of Ice and Fire" by George R.R. Martin- The first book is a Game of Thrones which the HBO series is based off. So good!!! I could wait a year to find out what happens so ordered the books. Love them!



answers from Washington DC on

John Grisham - Playing for Pizza



answers from Salt Lake City on

I really like "Ella Enchanted." Good luck!


answers from Pocatello on

they are not "new", but any books by Patrick Mcmanus are hilarious!

I also like The Physick Book of Deliverance Dane!

Good Luck and Congrats!

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