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Updated on September 05, 2012
A.R. asks from Columbus, OH
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I am a sahm looking for a hobby or something to do once a week or few times a month now that my daughter started first grade full time. I need a life! Lol. Any suggestions welcomed all areas but people responding from the Columbus, Ohio area, any good organizations, etc. are welcomed too. Thanks.

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So What Happened?

OkhobbyI, let me be clear. I want me time.... Adult time.... I don't want to volunteer or work at my kids school. I want something to do that is or me only, that I can forget about kid stuff fr awhile.

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answers from Philadelphia on

The local HS schools near my house offer community education programs. I took a painting class, which was OK and then I took a lamp work beading class at I loved! Not only is it a great hobby but I stayed friendly with several of the woman from my class. I also learned how to make stained glass windows and mosaics. (My mosaics are now in a gallery. How cool is that?!?!). FYI... I also tried swimming and photography before I found my love of glass. Good luck to you!

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answers from New York on

Yoga!! Be careful if you've never done it before -- start with a beginner class. I love it. Makes you feel so good. I like real yoga studios where they incorporate spirituality/meditation. If I had more free time, that's what I'd be doing!

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answers from San Francisco on

I finished my college degree while my kids were in pre/elementary school. I loved going to school. Lots of younger people of course, but older people too. It was challenging, interesting and a major accomplishment!
You can volunteer MANY places, not just at school. That's a great way to meet other adults with similar interests.
You could always take a class through the local community center or community college, art, photography, woodworking, cooking, sewing, dance/yoga, whatever sparks your interest.
And of course you could look for a part time job, or get some training in a field that interests you.
My hobbies have always been more kid related (working in the classroom, Girl Scouts, etc.) but I also love to read and share books with friends, try new recipes, work on crafty projects and volunteer at community events.
Good luck, I'm sure you'll find something fun :)

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answers from Colorado Springs on

What floats your boat - what grabs your interest? What do you hear about and think, "I wish I could do that!"? If your interest runs to politics, this is certainly the time of year to volunteer at the party headquarters of your choice. You could volunteer at a hospital. You could join Toastmasters if you like communicating. There are probably three dozen small book clubs within driving distance of your house, but you often hear about them only through word of mouth. Craft shops offer classes in all sorts of things. So do museums and art schools. It's a little late to start a garden, but it isn't too late to learn about planning a garden for next year; ask at your nearest local plant nursery. You could think about joining a gym. Check out adult education options in your area. Out here, there are classes offered by the parks and recreation department; there are also good classes and fun groups at the Senior Center, and you don't have to be a senior to participate! If you are a church member, check out the women's ministries or the choir.

Start by making a list of things you MIGHT like to do. Don't discard an idea as "too dumb" - write it down. Think outside the box. You'll look at a couple, at least, of the things on your list and think, "Oh! Maybe that's for me!" Go from there.

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answers from Minneapolis on

Depends on what interests you. Take some sort of class. Are you crafty? Do you like music? I've always wanted to take piano lessons, but just haven't gotten around to it. Museums need docents. Try Zumba, Tabata, yoga or weight lifting at the local YMCA or health club. My hobbies are reading (book club and on my own) and exercising. Churches and other religious organizations often have small groups or Bible studies during the day.

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answers from New York on

join a gym, do yoga, take yourself to the movies, go to your park with a good book, learn a new language, learn knitting or crochet, take cooking classes, go to a spa once a month.

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answers from Madison on

I totally get what you are saying about not wanting it to be a kid related type thing. Something for you.

I volunteer at my church within an adult event, and I've really enjoyed it.
I haved reduced my volunteer time so I can pursue expanding my at home business. My at home business was what I first started as my 'me thing' and what I like best is it brings in an income and it keeps my resume current. And I can expand when I want to become more full time.

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answers from Dallas on

Join a gym or take up some other form of exercise. Take a class of some sort or start a new craft hobby. Your possibilities are endless.

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answers from New York on

What are your interests? If you like working with kids then volunteer at school. Love to read? Most libraries have things they need help with. Like working with seniors? Contact your local senior center and see what they need.

I use to teach knitting at the local senior center. It was a blast. I also use to help at the library during story hour 2 mornings a week. Really it's just a matter of figuring out what you like to do and seeking opportunities from there.



answers from Eugene on

I used to volunteer for Habitat for Humanity and loved it. I did not pound nails and have no aptitude for construction. I did do planning, blog administration and worked in their ReStore which was the most fun. A friend and I went in once a week to organize and decorate. We moved furniture around as new things came in and others were sold. We staged the areas in the front entry and changed things around so regular shoppers would get new ideas. I loved getting out, meeting people and seeing the "new" merchandise. Volunteers get a discount which could be good or bad depending on how cluttered your own house is already!



answers from Los Angeles on

Learn to play a musical instrument. Piano, harmonica. The harmonica is very mobile. You can practice and surprise your family.

Join a travelers club. Take short trips with a group to explore different points of interest close by. That will also help you when you want to take trips to Pigeon Forge or similar.

Plant a garden. Join a Master Gardener program. I just joined one and am surprised at all I didn't know. Plus there is a lot of adult interaction. If you do a garden because of all you know or have learned you can save money at the grocery store. There are a lot of garden clubs around. They almost all welcome new members.

Join the Chamber of Commerce. You'll get to meet the business leaders of your community.

I hope this has given you some ideas. Good luck to you and yours.



answers from Chicago on

I love to volunteer at our local animal shelter walking dogs. It's so relaxing,rewarding and good exercise. We can go monthly, weekly or more and can also volunteer for fund raisers. And the dogs don't talk back!



answers from Dallas on

Volunteer and/or go back to work. I volunteer at my kids' schools, at my kids' sports, and at my church. I also work fulltime. I cannot even remember the concept of boredom.



answers from Houston on

I read. That's my me time. Total escapism. You can join a book club...lots of adult interaction and the good thing is its about the same topic.

You could be a hair model. Contact the local beauty school and see if they need one. Free or cheap hair cuts and color!



answers from Indianapolis on

Yoga! I take a class at my local hospital. You can start out gradual and easy and build up or you can just take it easy. It is so relaxing. There are some classes that are more energetic and challenging but there are also some that take a more leisurely pace that is up to you. I also took a Tai Chi class. Fun and peaceful.



answers from Columbus on

I go to Koguryo Martial Arts in Westerville, for their kickboxing and martial arts classes. Someone also teaches Zumba there. If I had the time, I'd take a sewing and knitting classes at Jo-Ann's. The Westerville Community Center also has great can access their brochure online.



answers from Chicago on

go to and browse the local groups in your area and when they have meeting times. Then you just join a group and go to the meeting.

Also look at volunteering at your daughter's school - just in a different grade or area (ie music or art). MOST of the teachers need help and it's GREAT way to keep an eye on your kid by just being around and getting to know the other kids and the teachers. There is usually a PTA or something that can point you in the right direction.



answers from New York on

Volunteering doesn't have to be relegated to your daughter's school. How about volunteering at a senior citizen home or your local hospital. They always need help. Since it is election time consider volunteering at your local campaign office. They need the help too.

Hobby's can also include things like pottery making, sewing, cooking, crafting, jewelry making, or other endeavors using your hands.

How about taking a class at one of the local colleges. I know there are classes offered at the highschool during off hours that are fun fun fun. Classes in upholstery, belly dancing, hip hop dance, oil painting on canvas, etc.

I would say look into something that intersts you.

I love dolls so everything dolls would be really fun for me from making their clothes, to doll houses, to the history of dolls, etc.

Good luck with finding something for you to do with your new found time.

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