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Updated on January 05, 2011
M.L. asks from Lansdale, PA
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Me and my husband are recently off of the pill and trying to get pregnant. I am currently taking a woman's multi by vitamin code. I want to finish this bottle because they are expensive, but want to immediately start a prenatal once i am done with the multi.
I don't know if it matters but I am currently a vegetarian, and I am not sure if i need to compensate for that. once I get pregnant I cannot guarantee that I will continue to be a vegetarian, right now I am only avoiding meat to stay away from the cholesterol and fat. I really do like to eat it.
I am looking for something preferably organic and plant based.
I would really appreciate anyone's recommendations.

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answers from Philadelphia on

Hi M.!

A friend of mine was recently pregnant (had a healthy baby boy on 12/28/10!) and she was taking Melaleuca Prenatal vitamins. Her OB/GYN told her if she could have all her patient's take these prenatals she would be a very happy woman! If you want more info, please contact me!! Good luck with whatever you decide!



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answers from Pittsburgh on

i took the vitamin code prenatal too but u are right, it is very expensive. I switched to preg natal by jarrow formulas. I don't believe it is organic, but i am very impressed with the jarrow brand. You can get it on for cheaper than other places. I would recommend you avoid anything from walmart or other cheap sources.

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answers from Allentown on

Hi, M.:

Along with your multi-vit. Carlson Labs makes a Super Daily
Amino Blend Capsule to provide the amino acids needs to supplement
your diet.


Hope this helps.
Good luck.



answers from Atlanta on

Hi M.,

Melaleuca prenatal pack is an excellent vitamin and mineral complex. It is guaranteed to absorb and it does NOT create free radical activity like most vitamins do. Free radicals create disease. Bobbie McCaughey, that delivered the first healthy septuplets in medical history, was using Melaleuca vitamins and continues to use them.

Melaleuca is a registered pharmaceutical company that specializes in natural products. The vitamin pack is vegetarian, gluten free and kosher. There is also a prenatal Omega for the baby's eye and neurological development.

God bless,



answers from Erie on

Even though you are finishing your current supply of vitamins, if you are trying to get pregnant I would suggest at least adding a Folic Acid supplement to your normal vitamin until you get onto prenatals.



answers from Dallas on

i dont think mine was organic but i loved it - prenate with dha. they had a soft coating on them which made them go down easy and i had no issues with them whatsover.



answers from Scranton on

Go to Vitacost and get Rainbow light vitamins.


answers from San Antonio on

Metagenics. I took them (mainly b/c my MIL bought them for me). She swears by this brand. Website says they're vegetarian as well. It's a packet you take daily - 7 pills worth. I took 3 or 4 in the morning and the rest at dinner.

My son is healthy and very bright - not sure if it's due to genetics or the vitamins or what, but I plan to take these same vitamins with the next pregnancy!



answers from Philadelphia on

Shaklee's vita Lea . I had a lot of success with it when I went off my prenatal. completely vegetarian. Dr. Christians Northrop endorses it as best prenatal. My doctors also said it was the best out on market. If u have more questions let me know. Here is the person I buy from and it's cheap.



answers from Pittsburgh on

I have both the GNC one and the Nature Made one - I think one said "vegan" on it and both are great (and cheaper than Rx). Talk to your Ob/Gyn though to get a recommendation. You may or may not need iron, but you do need Folic Acid! Good luck!



answers from Orlando on

Dear M.,

Yes, there absolutely is a whole food supplement that has Evidence Based Research. It is called Juice Plus, have you heard of it? It is currently being tested on pregnant woman by the University of Mississppii with major benefits. Please check out an 11 minute video on my website; a picture is worth a thousand words. You can also click on what experts have to say to hear from well known professionals.

If I can help you further please let me know, it would be my pleasure.

Be blessed,
[email protected]



answers from Memphis on

Whole Foods has a good store brand prenatal that I am currently taking. For now you'll be good just taking folic acid until u actually get pregnant. A great site for vitamins and all things natural is The NSI brand is great.


answers from Dallas on

I use spring valley-- you can buy them at wal-mart. They don't make my stomach hurt like other brands do.



answers from Allentown on

sorry- I mistyped and the computer won't let me erase the W, so there it is, just sitting out there by its self. ;) Before you buy check out this info! I found it extremely helpful and informative!

Wish you the best! HUGS


answers from Dallas on

Yes, email me if you would like a link. I think these vitamins are the best you can get. They are multivitamins, not labeled prenatal, but if your doctor looks over the label I am sure he/she will say they are as good as if not better than prenatals.

Can I assume you are eating plenty of protein that is plant based? If you are having difficulty there I can make recommendations too.


answers from Dover on

I use Oligo for Women but they also have a wonderful Prenatal vitamin as well.

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