Need a Great First Trampoline for a 1-Year-old Who LOVES to Bounce!

Updated on January 10, 2008
S.R. asks from McKinney, TX
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Hi Mamas!

My little girl just turned 15-months-old and she LOVES to bounce! She practically wore out her Exersaucer and Johnny-Jump-Up as an infant because she would just jump in them for hours if we'd let her. Of course, now, she is too big for those bouncy toys.

We took her to the Wiggly Play Place a couple months ago and she LOVED the bounce-house areas... she just giggled and squealed with delight. Now she tries to bounce/jump on ANY soft surface: the bed, the couch, the backseat of the car as we're putting her in her carseat... anything... the whole time sqealing "bop! bop! bop!..." (which must be a combination of "jump" and "bounce").

Anyway, my husband and I want to get her a trampoline. I've heard of these baby trampolines that have a bar or handle the little ones can hold onto to keep them steady. Does anyone know of one that is great? I want it to be small enough that my 1-year-old can use it, but not so small that she can't grow with it and use it for a couple of years.


-S. (Emma Kate's Mommy)

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answers from Dallas on has a trampoline like you are talking about. My best friend has one for her daughter- and she just loves it. My son loves to jump and bounce,too. Luckily he is still small enough to keep his exercuaser and jumper-roo- as soon as he gets big enough I will get one of these tramps.

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answers from Dallas on has the trampoline with the handle, but it's recommended for ages 3 and up -

They also have a mini bounce house -

If the links don't work, go to their site and use 'trampoline' as the search word to see their products.

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answers from Dallas on

Rather than a trampoline, I would suggest a jumpolene. It's like a mini-bounce house, enclosed so they don't get hurt. You can even fill it with some of those soft balls and it can become a ball pit. There are also jump inflatables that are castles and have inflatable slides that are not too expensive.



answers from Dallas on

I'ma mother of 2 boys -- both who love to bounce. However their love to bounce and my need for knowing they're diong something safe are two totally different things. I have an 8 year old and a 3 1/2 year old... I will NOT buy any sort of a trampoline... for a multitude of reasons.

If you do decide to buy one... here is a good site for safety information



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My husband and I also have a 15 month old (born 9/28/06) that loves to bounce. He loves to try to jump on the bed and anything else he can find. Anyway, we were just at Academy Sports a week or so ago and saw these "mini" trampoline's, they even have the safety net around them, I am not sure of the age appropriateness but as soon as I read your message I thought of those. It is like the size of a small exercise trampoline but modern and like I said with the net.

Good Luck, K.



answers from Dallas on

I suggest going to or (same company, but serving different ages of children.) I know that I have seen a tiny trampoline with a handlebar on there. They also sell little bounce houses. Their prices are very reasonable, and although you might be able to find things a little cheaper, they test and retest all of the things they sell to make sure they are safe. I love this site!



answers from Dallas on

Have you considered one of those inflatable "bounce houses". They have a fan that keeps it inflated and they are very safe and lots of fun. My 7 year old still bounces in his. They sell them at Wal-mart.



answers from Austin on

We got my girls (3 and 5) an 8 ft. trampoline for Christmas and it's a huge hit. It's about half the size of normal, backyard trampoline and is probably about 3 ft off the ground. It is around $100 at Academy and comes with the safety net and such.
We are very satisfied so far and wish we had done it earlier for the girls.

Good luck!



answers from Tyler on

Hi S.

My little one had the bounce a roo until he was a little over two. It is like the Johnny jump up, but free standing and adjustable to their height. We have 3 boys 8, 6, and 3. We have a commercial size bounce castle (purchased to rent out), and just got a trampoline for Christmas they are both a huge hit! I would wait on the full size trampoline until after age 6, but the bounce houses are a great place to start. In the bounce houses, you are unable to send someone soaring, you don't get as much height, and they are more geared for simply bouncing not sport. We keep our Castle rolled up and in the garage. The smaller ones found at toy stores and wal mart can usually be stored in a large container (find one with wheels). Hope this helps.

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