Need a Good Song Choice for Family Slideshow Dvd

Updated on January 16, 2011
S.B. asks from Carmel, IN
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For my mothers birthday this year I have decided to make her a slideshow dvd of family pictures throughout the years. The pictures will compile of mom, dad, kids and grandkids. I would like a nice song playing during the slideshow. I am having trouble coming up with the right song. I would like the words to go along with the family theme and am leaning more towards a slow and sentimental song than something really upbeat. She likes all music, including hymns and country. The only song I have come up with so far is Josh Groban's "You lift me up" but am not sold. Also, the longer the song, the more pictures I can add! Thanks for your suggestions!! (If you know the name of singer as well as song, it would help me out)

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answers from Cleveland on

Definately 100 years like Katy H suggested! GREAT song, I've seen a slideshow put to that song and it was perfect! I also like Don't Blink by Kenny Chesney! Have fun!

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answers from Miami on

I love making slideshows too. I made a really nice one of the kids for my mother in law for Christmas last year. I used two songs by Israel Kamakawiwo'ole. They were Somewhere Over the Rainbow and Wonderful World. You have probably heard these renditions before. I love them. They are done by a well known Hawaiian singer on his ukulele. You can hear them on youtube:

I like how they are similar in style so if you put them together it can almost sound like one very long song. ;)

Good luck on your video!

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answers from Dallas on

Oh, I LOVE making slideshows!! We do one every year at Christmas for both sides of our family. Some I really like (and am using this year) is 100 years by Five For Fighting, Louis Armstrong's What A Wonderful World, Ordinary Miracle by Sarah Maclachlan, In My Daughter's Eyes by Martina McBride, I Hope You Dance by LeeAnn Womack....have fun on your project!!! :)

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answers from Cincinnati on

Personally I LOVE Allen Jacksons song "remember when" that may be a lovers kind of song but it really reminds me of family, grandkids and love

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answers from Dallas on

"All You Need is Love" by the Beatles

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answers from Pittsburgh on

"The Breath You Take" by George Strait would be perfect for that!

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answers from Eugene on

I used Crosby, Stills and Nash's song Teach Your Children for a slideshow I made for my dad's 75th birthday. It was photos of all the kids and grandkids. We were all bawling by the end. Not sure if you are into older folk music, but it is a really nice tune with great harmonies and guitar. Good luck!

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answers from Toledo on

Oh, I used the following songs for a DVD I made for my Mother.
"I Need You" by Leigh Ann Rymes,
"Time in a Bottle" by Jim Croce (highly recommend),
"Mother" by Donna Lewis (awesome song for mom),
"In My Arms" by Plumb,
"Beautiful Little Girl" by Cheri Keaggy,
"In My Daughter's Eyes" by Martena McBride
and I agree with others with 100 Years,
and there's one by Darious Rucker "It Won't Be Like This For Long" great song too! Good luck and have fun!!!



answers from Sacramento on

My Life by John Lennon; One Moment in Time by Whitney Huston; The Story by Brandi Carlile; We Are Family by the Pointer Sisters (?); It don't have to Change by John Legend



answers from Chicago on

don't blink by kenny chesney and there is no reason you can't do bits from a lot of songs depending on how many photo's you want to use



answers from Nashville on

Need something Recent for pictures and slideshow? Try Never Grow Up by Taylor Swift. I used it and and also the piano solo version of American Honey by Lady Annebellium (just piano-no words ) they went together well.



answers from Canton on

Hi, Just thought I'd add "Through the years" by Kenny Rodgers. It was my moms favorite : )



answers from Cleveland on

How about "You are the Wind beneath my wings" ? Sorry, don't know composer or singer.

"What a wonderful World"--not sure if it is the same as someone else mentioned--I know Louis Armstrong sang it at one point.

There's one called "Always and Forever" that's sometimes used at weddings, I can't remember all the lyrics, but might fit with family -themed photos too.

I agree with those who said to use more than one song if you want. Theremust be a way to put two or more together.

Good luck!


answers from Jacksonville on

I know you said slow, but have you ever listened to Mark Knopfler and EmmyLou Harris sing "This is us"? I LOVE that song... It is a duet about a couple looking through an old photo album remembering their lives together...

That isn't the best sounding quality on Youtube, but at least you can get an idea. We have the CD (All the Roadrunning) and it sounds much better of course. At least give it a listen.. there is beautiful piano at the end...