Need a Good plus Size Stylish Store

Updated on May 07, 2009
D.S. asks from Grand Prairie, TX
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I'm plus size. I have struggled with my weight for the last few years. I'm not giving in, but until I get this weight off, I need somewhere to shop that has beautiful stylish clothes. I'm tired of going into department stores and seeing the cutest petite and misses clothes, then you go in the small section of the store for plus size women and it looks like the buyers just picked out tents for people like me to wear. There's a lady at my job who is plus size and she dresses beautifully. I'm always amazed at how wonderful she looks. I'm too embarrassed to ask her where she shops. Please help! We're attending a casual event at my husband's boss' home on Saturday and I need something to wear.

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answers from Austin on

Until recently (now that I've lost 60 pounds and can shop in regular stores), I could only shop in plus-size stores. At my heaviest, I was a size 20 (almost 22). My main clothing source was Lane Bryant. I still have a credit card for this store because I can still buy my underwear and bras there, but the rest of the clothes are too big for me (mainly the arm & neck openings are too big or the crotch of the pants are too loose). I suggest you get on their mailing list, even if you aren't going to sign up for their credit card because they send you coupons constantly and to be honest, I don't like paying full price for their clothes. They are great clothes; I just think their regular prices are a bit steep.

I also had good luck at Dress Barn a few times, especially for cute dresses, which can be hard to find in plus sizes. Avenue sometimes has cute clothes, but some seasons they are just awful (although I also felt that way about Lane Bryant). I also suggest trying different Lane Bryant stores because their inventory will differ greatly based on the buyer for that store. Some stores REFUSE to carry dresses; only some stores carry bathing suits; some stores also carry shoes, while others don't. I knew that depending on what I was looking for, which store I should go to for that particular item.


answers from Dallas on

It has a HORRIBLE name, but I LOVE "Dress Barn". They have the regular size clothes on one side and the Women's clothing on the other- it is two stores in one.
I have always found wonderful, nice fitting, in-style things there.



answers from Dallas on

I can usually find stuff at Cato. It's very reasonably priced. That's the only other place I can think of besides the ones that have already been listed.

Good luck!



answers from Dallas on

I think Lane Bryant probably has the most stylish clothes for plus size, but Avenue has some really cute stuff as well and it is a little less expensive. You may also want to try Steinmart. They don't have a huge plus size section, but they seem to be a little more stylish than the dept. stores.

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