Need a Good Hairdryer

Updated on October 07, 2009
A.T. asks from Arlington Heights, IL
5 answers

This seems kind of silly to ask on here but does anyone have any recommenendations on a good hairdryer (that wont break or make that loud noise or smell like it's about to explode after only having it a year) without having to pay top $$$. anything i can purchase at target or walmart?

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answers from Chicago on

I purchased a Conair ionic hairdryer at Walmart over 5 years ago. (The ionic feature helps keep my fly-aways down.) I don't use mine everyday, but I use it often enough that I would vouch for it's quality. It's also been through multiple trips with no problems what so ever. The only drawback I would mention is the dryer is a little bulky. I think I only paid $25 for it. I don't know if they still make the model I bought, but Conair seems to be a good brand. Hope you find a good hairdryer, they are a girl's best friend. :)


answers from Decatur on

The best hair dryer I purchased was from Sally Beauty, and it was about $85 if I remember correctly. However, if you go to Wal Mart and spend $35, you will get something that is loud and smells like it is going to blow up within 6 months. So, it is worth spending $80-$100 for a dryer you will use for 10+ years versus buying a new one each year at $35. Good luck!



answers from Chicago on

I am a blower dryer freak. I always have to have a good blow-dryer for my hair. The first one I purchased cost about $75.00 8 years ago. That's how long it lasted, it was awesome. Then I bought one at Sally's, I can't remember how much I spent maybe about $60.00 and it died in one year with that awful burning smell. Then I bought one from Ulta, the Hot Tools brand. It has the ionic feature and it heats up like crazy (that's what you need if you want a good blow dryer, make sure the heat goes high). That's the one I have now and I really like it thus far. I got it on sale, regular price is about $60.00. I recommend not to buy one at Walmart.



answers from Chicago on

Just go to Sally Beauty supply, They should be able to help you.Take care A.



answers from Chicago on

I love Wahl Clipper products!

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