Need a Dentist in Denton/Corinth Area

Updated on August 29, 2006
L.S. asks from Denton, TX
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I have been putting off going to the dentist since my son was born but can't put it off anymore. I have a cavity and am in pain. I need a dentist who is gentle and believes in good pain management. I'ld be willing to go to Lewisville if you have a dentist there you really love.

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So What Happened?

I went to see The Dentist in Corinth because he could see me the same day. He is such a nice guy! The bad part: I have to get all 4 of my wisdom teeth removed ASAP. OUCH!
Thanks for all the responses!

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Hi L.,
I know you are looking for a good & gentle dentist and may be willing to drive a little further to find one! I can highly recommend my dentist Dr. Rachel Azinge at the Dental Spa of Texas, she is is Frisco. I just love her! She has a lovely personality, is gentle, informative and thorough. She also has the latest in dental equipment & technology. I have been her patient for 2 yrs and have had several cleanings & a crown with her. I would refer anyone to her because I think she's amazing and am so glad I found her! It's also a beautiful office environment. If you do decide to drive to Frisco to see her, please tell her I referred you!! Her phone # is ###-###-####.
Good luck!
T. Simpson



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We like Gary Taylor on Fulton in Denton (near Denton High School)



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I recommend Dr. Randall in Argyle. She was so good, in fact, I took my oldest three (ages 7 to 3) to have their cleanings with her!




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Hi L.,
Go Dr Unsil Keiser, she is in Denton. She is great and so is all of her office staff.
Good Luck,
K. D.



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Hi L.,

I've been going to "The Dentist" next to albertsons in Corinth for about 3 yrs. The staff is very friendly and we've been very happy with the dentist there. Their phone # is: ###-###-####

:-) H.

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