Need a Cute Maybe Ryhm or Some Type of Saying to Put on the Birthday Invite

Updated on May 27, 2009
C.S. asks from Cedar Lake, IN
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hi ladies! here is my question. my hubby and i are thinking about throwing a big birthday bash this yr for our two kids. i was thinking that since i have the time and the resources to make my own invites i could get started on it now. we want to do it at the end of august. my daughter will be 4 on august 23 and my son will be 2. (his actual b-day is oct. 26th) but we want to do a big party for both in the summer while the weather is still nice. plus i hate the fact that his b-day is so close to halloween. i just wanted so cute, quircky ideas on what i should say on the invites. any advice will be nice. the resources i have are plenty of scrapbooking paper, b-day stickers, lots of scrapbooking things and the CRICKET expressionary cutter. for the scrapbookers out there, you know what i am talking about. so i am open to any-thing. thanks and have a great week!

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answers from Chicago on is one idea that I had come up with...I will just adapt it to what you are needing:


Once upon a time there was a Princess named, ___________, who was turning FOUR. Her parents felt so blessed that they couldn’t ask for more. “A party we shall plan, like none that has come before...”, they said...

But wait…there's more...what’s all of the hullabaloo? The King and Queen’s young Prince _________ was also turning TWO! The King and Queen find themselves doubly excited and so to twice the party thou art cordially invited!!!

WHEN: (Time)
WHERE: Castle ____________ (Your last name)
RSVP by ________ to: Royal Host and Hostess:
Phone Number:

ATTIRE: Please have your little Princess dressed in her finest princess dress or attire. Homemade crowns will be provided for each Prince to decorate as they wish and then wear!

-End of invite-

If you are interested in this theme, then feel free to contact me and I would be more than happy to let you know the ideas for the party supplies and planning if you want more info... I hope you find something fun that will work for you---these are special times! Enjoy and Good luck!

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I think little bug invites would be cool! With a ladybug with 4 spots for your daughter, and a green beetle with two beautiful green wings for your little boy. You could make them easily with ovals and circles (cut a green oval in two for wings and put it over a black oval, slightly open).

Our beetle boy is turning two
Our little lady is turning four
It's time to celebrate their day
Come see what fun is in store!

You could come up with a similar cute poem I'm sure. Good luck!

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answers from Chicago on


Janie is turning TWO,
and Jacob is turning FOUR,
Please come to our party,
For cake, games, and MORE!

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answers from Chicago on

Hi C.
Both of my kids have June birthdays - 15 days apart. Like yours, my daughter will be 4 and my son 2 next month. I am hosting a combined party for both kids and I put the following little blurb on my invite (used your kids names below):
Genevieve is 4 and Julian is 2
We're having a party and hope to see you!

Cute, simple and worked for their invite - which had a birthday cake with 6 candles (4 for her and 2 for him) along with a picture of them both.

Good luck!

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