Need a Cream Cheese Stuffed Jalapeno Recipe

Updated on May 01, 2013
M.H. asks from Dickinson, TX
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I am looking for a recipe for cold cream cheese stuffed jalapenos. I have found many that require baking. The one I am looking for, does not require baking.
Any help would be appreciated.

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So What Happened?

Well,I'm just gonna have to try them all!!! They all sound so good!!! I reckon I'm about to set my husband on fire. Someone get out the water!!! Perhaps Brandi will come over and help me eat them!!! hahaha
Thanks everyone!!!

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answers from Waco on

well, i have one, but it requires a indoor one would work, but outdoor is best. simply slice jalapenos lengthwise , deseed, and fill with cream cheese. wrap with half a slice of THICK bacon, skewer with a toothpick. freeze for at least one hour, then grill. these are awesome, and we like to leave a "surprise" hot jalapeno to have some fun!



answers from San Antonio on

I have never used jalopenos for this recipe but I guess you could. I use red,green & yellow bell peppers-slice them into eight pices,take out the veins and seeds and fill them with either: artichoke dip,crab meat dip,spinach dip and serve on a pretty platter as a starter.It's very colorful and yummy.
For stuffed jalopenos, I usually slice off the seeded top,take a 1/8 measuring spoon to scoop out the seeds (use gloves)rinse under warm water and using the same size measuring spoon stufff the raw jalopenos with a mixture of softened cream cheese,sour cream,garlic salt,parsley flakes & paprika.Cut your bacon strips into 3 and wrap 1/3 around each jalopeno,secure with a toothpick.I usually also top each stuffed jalopeno with a small shrimp. We bought ourselves a jalopeno tray which holds 20 jalopenos and is made of stainless steel and perfect to stand on your grill,I have also used the tray in the oven,just set it on a foil lined cookie sheet.These jalopeno trays are available at any camping/outdoor stores.



answers from Austin on

I have two ideas. One is Shrimp Dip Stuffed Jalapenos and the other is Sausage Stuffed Jalapenos.
Shrimp Dip Stuffed Jalapenos: Mix 1 block of cream chees, 8 oz. of Sour Cream, Green Onions, 8 oz. of salsa and cooked sliced shrimp together. Spoon the mixture into your sliced fresh jalapenos and enjoy.

Sausage Stuffed Jalapenos: Mix cooked sausage (Owens or what ever you like. You may even try hamburger meat)with cream cheese and stuff your fresh sliced jalapenos. This is easy but is does require cooking your meat and mixing it with the cream cheese. You can make the meat mixture the night before if you like.
Good luck and I am officially hungry for jalapenos now.



answers from Austin on

Well its pretty simple. Its kinda my own little recipe I tweaked from a baking recipe.
So you take the jalapeño and cut the stem end off. wash out the seeds. Put your jalapeños in boiling water with a few t spoons of sugar. This is to soften the pepper a little and to cut out too much fire. When finished chill in fridge for bout 15 minutes.
Take some Philly cheese(1 spoon scoop per pepper) With a couple spoon full of sugar free raspberry preserve and blend till softened well. If you have some kind of squirter for frosting of some sort it works well to squert the ras cheese filling in the peppers.
Now normally if you are grilling these you would wrap bacon around it. But sence its a cold orderb then it works better to use a cold cut. I like to use lebonon belogni or regular hard solomi...
Its awsome and so am I:)
At least that what my boyfriend says when I make it.
I realy hope you enjoy.



answers from Houston on

I personal do thing that are quick and easy, my pepper recipe take fresh pepper cut them in half, seed and vein wash and dry them and I use the already spead cream cheese with chives or what ever U like and fill the pepper and enjoy. also try putting peanut butter in them, crunch or smooth ur choose it is also a great colon cleanser.
enjoy C. l

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