Need a Company for Gutters

Updated on May 27, 2008
L.M. asks from Fort Worth, TX
7 answers

Our home builder didn't include gutters and we really need to have some installed. Can anyone recommend a company in the Fort Worth area? And it's a 2 story house if that matters. Thanks.

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So What Happened?

It was amazing how hard it was to get phone calls returned and quotes, but 3 months later Steve Roos and his team did our gutters this weekend and they look great. They were very professional and match our brick perfectly. Thanks!

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Dear Louranne M,

Congrats on your new home! My husband is a builder and uses Loveless Gutters. Loveless can be reached at ###-###-####. They do a good job for us. You might also check with your building company and ask if they have a gutter company they recommend.

If neither of these work out for you, you can also do a search from my web site, Click on the link in the lower left corner, "Home Services". Then click on "Coldwell Banker Concierge". Next click on "See our entire list of Concierge Services Vendors". From there, you can do a search. If you know anyone in need of a good Realtor, please give them my name.

Enjoy your new home!

Deb D



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Our home builder didn't include enough gutters when our home was built. In Fort Worth, there is a city code that tells you what the minimum requirement is. Even though the house passed the city building inspection, it didn't have enough gutters according to code. By the time we found out about it, we had already installed the gutters, so we ended up getting reimbursed by the builder.

This happened so long ago that I don't remember the code (my neighbor found it),but it may be worth checking into.



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Hello L., I can give you an excellent recommendation, since we just got our gutters done. We have an excellent handyman who is working with a gutter company. I suggest you call Steve Roos at ###-###-####. He will come out with that company to give you a quote. We have used Steve for several years now, and some jobs he does himself and some he contracts out to others, and we have always be very, very pleased with his work and the work of the companies he is recommending. Good luck!



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Hi L.,
My name is T. and actually my Fiance Brad Carver has been doing Gutters for over 10yrs now and we live in Haslet, Tx. You can give him a call and see what he would charge at ###-###-####. Don't you just love this site we can find help anywhere for anything.

Have a wonderful day!!

T. Mckinzie



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I work for a roofing/steel company and we do gutters. Price wise, I'm not sure how we are though since I have nothing to compare it to I guess. But I do know the cost of sheet metal for the gutters is about to sky rocket in price so you'd better do something fast! Also a lot of these fly by night people are so cheap because they don't carry insurance on their workers. So workers are getting hurt on the job and they turn around and sue the home owners so be careful who you chose! The company I work for is SLR and the number is ###-###-####. You need to talk to Ken.



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We just had our roof and gutters replaced 2 weeks ago. We used The Handyman Co. The gutter guys were good and fast!
The number for the company is ###-###-####. The owners name is Steve Boria. Good luck!



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Ramirez Roofing does gutters and they are very reasonably priced. I worked for them for 2 yrs and they are very nice people. I don't have the number handy but you can look it up online. Tell them C. sent you. GOOD LUCK!!!


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