Updated on August 06, 2007
K.M. asks from Dallas, TX
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We are moving at the end of the month and I'm looking for a mover that does a good job. I don't want my nice furniture to end up with a bunch of dings! I would appreciate any recommendations. We live in the Lake Highlands area of Dallas.

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I used Hawk moving and they were GREAT!!!! I have moved a few times and they were by far the best!!!! You can get a quote online and they have offices in Dallas and Fort Worth. One of the owners names is Casey. I have a ton of very expensive furniture and NOTHING was nicked broken or scratched..



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Firehouse Movers
phone: ###-###-####
phone: ###-###-####

They are reasonably priced, and they did a great job for us.



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We use IMS Relocation, a mayflower mover company. We've moved around Dallas over 6 times in the past 10 years. We love them. Many of the crew that moved us the first time is still w/ them. They are professional movers!!!! They have not damaged/scratched any of our items--we always have 1/2 a semi truck loaded of high end and antiques pieces. He will let you pack as much as you want, and will give you boxes tape and packing paper.

call Mike Lohner at ###-###-####-- tell him Chip & Susan sent you. He will come out and give you a free estimate that he will stand by. Some companies will give an estimate (lower than professionals) and then up charge it on moving day.

best of luck!!! Susan



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I have moved twice in the last 24 months and I used Hewey Van Lines moving service both times. Paul is the guy I spoke to their number is ###-###-####. They did an excellent job both times. I have some very expensive furniture and all of it arrived perfect each time. They are awesome. They charge by the hour and are very reasonable. This last move was from Weatherford to Rockwall and it took them from 8:00am to 9:00pm to get finished, the bill was $1800.00. I asked them about recommending them to people here and he said they will move anywhere in Texas. Give them a call



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My husband works for Arpin America, an agent for Paul Arpin Van Lines. His number is ###-###-####. He has some really great guys working for him.

Good luck.



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I've used Longhorn Moving Company several times. You can look them up at

Hope that helps


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