Need a Bottle That Will Feel like a Breast

Updated on October 06, 2011
V.V. asks from San Jose, CA
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My situation is the following. I'm feeding my son with breast, but will need to leave him for a week, when he will be 6 months old. After that I'm going to continue breast feeding. So I'm looking for a bottle that will make the transition from breast to bottle and back to brast as easy for my son as possible. Can you advice the ideal bottle for me? I'm thinking of Tommee Tippee or Adiri. Are they good?

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answers from San Francisco on

The Tommee Tippee worked for my little guy. He is my third, so I had tons of kinds of bottles already, when I went back to work, he was 4 1/2 m, he refused to take a bottle. I got the Tommee Tippee and he took it better than the others...though it still took some time. He takes it fine now, but only after I used it to feed him a number of times. It seems to be more the association with mom and mom's smell, cuddle and warmth than the actual bottle nipple. Good Luck!!

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answers from Fresno on

I used the Breastflow by First Years with my first daughter who was a preemie and it helped her learn to breastfeed. I am now using it with my 2 month old whenever I leave her with the grandparents or sitter for a few hours. She goes between breast and bottle seamlessly. I would highly recommend it. They also just came out with a new drop-in style which makes clean up a little easier & further reduces the already minimal amount of air baby gets. You can buy them from Target, Babies R' Us, or online. I have never tried the two you mentioned, so I can't help there. Hope I did help a little though. Good Luck!


answers from Pittsburgh on

My son went back and forth easily with the Playtex Drop-Ins. They say something about the flow coming from the collapsable bag is similar to the natural flow of the breast, and it has the wide nipples like the breast. I would suggest you work on this right away, and not wait until the last minute to try to get your baby adapted to taking a bottle. It may happen quickly, but may take a while, too. Good luck.



answers from Pittsburgh on

Hi V., this is a tough one. I nursed both of my kids and they both went to daycare and I had a hard time finding a bottle that they liked. They both were different. My son liked Playtex with a silicone nipple and my daughter likes Nuk with a latex nipple. You might have to try a few. My recommendation is to start early and have someone try feeding a bottle every now and then so your son will get used to it.



answers from Chicago on

I hope you have better luck than I did. My son was an expert feeder on the breast, but absolutely could not, would not take a bottle. And we tried several different types, including Adiri, which is supposed to be pretty close to the real thing. I ended up giving up on the idea, and starting introducing a sippy cup. But even that took a LONG time and a lot of messes before he was able to use it right. Now, at 23 months, straw cups are our thing. I've read a lot of posts on this subject, and even reached out myself for tips. It seems that this is a common obstacle that breastfeeding mothers face. My sister, on the other hand, introduced a bottle very early on, and has never had trouble going back and forth.



answers from Savannah on

My best friend swears by the Breast Flow bottles.



answers from Redding on

I just want to say...dont worry....your baby will be fine...I promise he will eat when he is hungry even if he doesn't prefer the bottle. As a working momma I completely understand your concerns : - )

Quick tip - the brown nipples have the most "texture" so I think they work better than the clear ones which are very plastic smooth feeling. Also, the venting of the bottles is key. Your breast self other words, the baby doesn't have to "let go" so air can get into the boob....where most bottles have to be vented by baby while they eat. So the self venting bottles and the bagged bottles work the best for breastfeed babies : - )

Good luck...and dont stress...your milk supply will suffer more with added stress! PS.. you are planning to pump while away right? You dont want your breasts to start drying up while away.



answers from Kansas City on

We tried like 8 different bottles with my daughter, including adiri. She never really took a bottle well. With my newborn son we tried nuk and he does well with that one. My sister's babies did the playtex ventair. I think you just have to start early and some of it is luck.



answers from Sacramento on

Well, we're on our 3rd child. After experimenting with Avent and Playtex, it seems the consensus in our family is Gerber Nuk bottles. They are very inexpensive, so even if they don't work it's not a huge hit on your wallet. I know they say to look for a nipple close to your own.But really, no nipple on the market looks like mine. Althought, the Nuk is similar in size to mine, so maybe look for one similar in size/diameter.
Good luck!



answers from Syracuse on

Both my kids transitioned easily with Playtex Nursers. They make a nipple that is tan color and is for breastfed babies. I've had several mom's tell me they've used the same bottle in the beginning. Good luck!


answers from Kansas City on

We bought Tommee Tippee and Born Free for our baby due in a few months. I plan to breastfeed also but just wanted to have them on hand just in case. My current youngest was breastfed and when she was old enough I used MAM bottles, I loved them. We still have them, which is why I didn't need to buy any.

My cousin used Born Free for her son and uses them now with her daughter, she breastfed both.



answers from Des Moines on

We started out with the First Years Breast Flow bottles. At 3 or 4 months he quit taking them and we ended up switching to the Gerber Nuk bottles. We NEVER used anything but the low flow nipples. I've talked to a few moms who've had their babies quit taking the bottles they started with at about that age and had to switch



answers from Johnson City on

my daughter loved playtex nurser but they dont make it like they used to, my newest one used the nuby 3stage grow with me trainer cup thing its a vari flow bottle spout and also has a sippy spout we used the breast flow but had issues with the double nipples and went to the soothie then the nuby, if you have any ? jusy msg me but i will say by 6mo he may not be latchin any more thats when mine quit I pump so he still gets bmilk good luck hope u find one hat works



answers from Kansas City on

I am a daycare provider and about 80% of my little ones are still taking breast milk when they come to me. Avent and Playtex (with the silicone nipple) have worked well. I think the key is introducing the bottle early on. I've never had a kiddo in my care that started refusing the breast, they will take the bottle just fine but prefer Mamma!

Good Luck.

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