Need a Baby Gate a 5 Year Old CAN Open

Updated on September 05, 2011
A.K. asks from Minneapolis, MN
8 answers

I am thinking about getting a baby gate for my 5 year olds room so when her baby sister gets mobile she doesn't go in there while DD is playing with Polly pockets or other little bitty toys. It would have to be something that does not have a piece you have to step over because that would not be safe to have up because of the trip hazard. We have a great gate on our stairs but she can't open it. This would have to be something she can open and close by herself. Any suggestions?


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answers from Rochester on

I love my Evenflo Simple Effort gate. It is battery operated and comes with a button you can mount on the wall. All you have to do is press the button and the gate unlocks. Swing it shut and it locks again.

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answers from Seattle on

Dog gate!!!

They're taller, sturdier, better made/safer, and they have versions that have doors that open / can be walked through.

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answers from Minneapolis on

We've had a step gate in front of our oldest's room for three years - he was 4 when we got it. It's worked very well - we did have to teach him how to use it, but it didn't take long. Step gates also have narrower gate openings, and usually the door swings both ways, so it's easier to leave them open at night if you like.



answers from Kansas City on

what's the trip hazard? My 4 year old dd has one of the step ones in front of her door b/c the dog is jealous and keeps pooping in there.



answers from Portland on

Try looking at the gates at a pet store. They have more variety.



answers from Madison on

I would go with a pressure mounted gate and give her a step stool to keep on the inside side of her room. The stool should be big and light enough so that she can reach over and pick it up to use it to get over the gate, and just store it on the side of the gate not accessible to your baby.


answers from Los Angeles on

Good suggestions so far, i will only add to take your 5 year old with you when purchasing the gate to make sure she can actually work the mechanism to unlock it.

AND make sure she knows it's to be locked each and every time she leaves her room.


answers from Medford on

Look for a swing gate. They sell them in several stores and are adjustable for different size doorways. We had one for the hall to keep kids from getting to the sewing room. It was easy to push the button and lift the gate 1/2 inch and swing open. It automatically closed too. The frame at the bottom was about 2 inches to step over. Nothing hard about it as my grand daughter could open it at 3 yrs old. Check Craigslist for a used one too.

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