Nausea Tips and Tricks?

Updated on January 12, 2012
S.O. asks from Billings, MT
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I am 9 weeks pregnant, and this nausea is making me so miserable. Please share your wisdom with me.. What things worked for you, to help stave off the nausea? (Besides saltines and ginger ale.) Thanks!

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answers from Appleton on

Cinnamon--real cinnamon. you can make some cinnamon sugar and sprinkle on buttered toast. Add cinnamon and sugar to plain applesauce. Get some Cinnamon Toast Crunch cereal keep some with you at all times.

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answers from Dayton on

Well...what's helping me is lemon.
This kid seems to love lemons. ;)
Applesauce-interesting that it got a nod.
I'm going to make myself some Jell-o (gag, I know) cause that usually helps me too.
As Kate mentioned, waiting too long to eat is disastrous.

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answers from Minneapolis on

Eat very regularly. I used to eat every 2 hrs(not snacks but actual meal). It was difficult to eat when I am nauseous all day but if I didn't I would be throwing up all the time.

Eat saltines or anything that you can as soon as you get out of bed or better while you are still in bed. That made morning sickness a little better for M.. Once my husband realized this , he would make M. eat at least 3 crackers before I got out of bed.

Also keeping yourself active and fresh air help.

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answers from Los Angeles on

I have heard some women say the sea sick bracelettes help.

Good luck and Congrats!

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answers from Norfolk on

Crystallized ginger helped me.
I tried not to let myself get hungry (always had a protein snack on hand).
I don't know what the recommendation is these days, but 14 yrs ago I snacked on peanuts or other nuts whenever I could.
We've never had any food allergies in our family.
Sometimes in the night I'd get up and have a few slices of Velveeta or other cheese.

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answers from Chicago on

They're for motion sickness, but worked like a charm for my morning sickness.
You can get em at any drug store.

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answers from Seattle on

Yes, Sea Bands are amazing! You should get some of those.

Ginger Candy
Lemon or Orange things
Cold Drinks and Food (Warm generally makes it worse)
Nausea Pops

When you feel sick, get some fresh air, that helps.

Ask your doctor when you see them, for some anti-nausea medication. And Congrats!

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answers from Sacramento on

I sucked on lemon drops and peppermints constantly with my first pregnancy! I can't stand ginger, it made me more nauseous... Don't let yourself get too hungry...

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answers from New York on

Suck on crystallized ginger.

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answers from Charleston on

Seabands, ginger ale, saltines and ginger snap cookies. All of those things were within reach at all times. Good luck and hope it passes soon. It is a good sign that you have a thriving baby if that helps!

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answers from Portland on

It will pass sometime in the next 9 months, don't worry! I had the best luck with fresh ginger chopped up and put into an empty gel cap (from a natural food store or even Fred Meyer). I took it on an empty stomach and it made things easier to tolerate. But, nothing is guaranteed...just know that what makes you sick now may not in a little while. I did have some luck with the sea bands, and acupressure...have your guy squeeze the pad between your thumb and first finger, both hands at the same time works better. Good luck! Being sick is no fun, and really the worst part of pregnancy, but they come out cute and its worth it.

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answers from Dallas on

Phenegran saved me. I too was nauseous all the time too and none of the preggie pops, lemon, cracker, gingerale did nothing but make me have more spit in my mouth that made me want to puke more! Ask your doc. It did make me sleepy so I took it before bed and once it got in to my system, mornings afternoons and evenings weren't s nightmare anymore! Good luck!



answers from Denver on

I am in the same boat and anything sweet makes it worse! The exception I found was peppermint! Some coworkers were eating peppermint candies in a meeting and the smell was instantly soothing. I felt just as good eating it too. Meat and cheese are also helping this time around. It's my 3rd and WAY different from my first two. It's like I'm learning all over again! LOL! Oh, my doctor also recommended B6. I think it has helped too.



answers from Denver on

Go to Walgreen's and get the motion sickness bands that you put on your wrist. That's what did it for me with my second.




answers from Denver on

If I ate a few saltine crackers before getting out of bed, then getting up slowly....that helped with my boys. With my daughter, nothing helped - they let me take dramamine my second trimester - the doctor. Lots of little meals helped for sure!



answers from Denver on

I found different things worked at different times, but in the mix for me were Preggie Pops (I used the drops)

and GripeWater

The GripeWater has fennel as well, which can be soothing to the stomach. I would keep it with me and take a swig.

Neither solved the entire problem, but seemed to keep things at bay. Congrats!



answers from Boise on

Ginger tea and acupressure, pressing on a point just below your nose on your upper lip can help, or pressing on a point on your wrist, you should Google a diagram of acupressure for a good description of where. Sea bands acctually work by pressing those wrist points! Also, when you feel nauseous take slow, deep breaths and try to relax, sometimes that prevents actually throwing up. And of course not getting too hungry is really important.



answers from Great Falls on

Lemons! I washed fresh lemons, cut them into wedges, squeezed them into a glass of ice water, added the lemon wedge for extra flavor, and sipped away. I needed lots of lemon juice per glass of water to curb the nausea, not just a few drops. This won't miraculously cure you, but hopefully it'll help.

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