Nausea AFTER Eating During 2Nd Trimester

Updated on October 09, 2010
L.C. asks from Downers Grove, IL
8 answers

Im almost 6 months pregnant with my 3rd baby and still get morning sickness sometimes. I guess thats normal but what i havent experienced with my other pregnancies was nausea after eating. Ive always felt sick before eating but not after. Has anyone had this while preganant? How do you handle it? Im eating because if my stomach is empty i feel sick, but the past few mornings i feel sick after eating.

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answers from Austin on

I was sick the whole entire time with my first and the first 4 months with this one and now I am sick about every other week =)

I handled it by being moody and overall irritated but still happy that at least the baby was doing well =)

Seriously though, I tried everything and nothing worked. The positive aspect of it was I only gained 20 lbs so I didn't have to loose much afterwards. Just know you are not the only one!

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answers from Washington DC on

pepcid ac, but my problems hit me more third trimester. Get up take the pill, then eat. I am a non pill taker, but this one changed my life. Well at least made it easier while pregnant



answers from San Antonio on

I was sick the whole time with my son and really sick for the first 6-8 weeks after he was born too. I found relief through Tums, Preggy Pop Drops(can get em' at Motherhood Maternity, Baby's R Us, and online), and drinking a lot, instead of eating. I lost 6 pounds my first trimester, but intermittently had an appetite in my second and third trimesters and when I did...I went to town and ate, cause I knew he and I both needed it.

Try the BRAT diet too, bananas, rice, applesauce, and toast. It's bland and boring, but good for stomach issues and provides good nutrients even if not eating a lot.

Best wishes and hope you get to feeling better!



answers from Chicago on

I still get it and I am almost 7 months along. I have a bottle of tums in my purse at all times!



answers from Shreveport on

I'm with Lauren V. I was in so much pain, and I started getting nauseated, especially right after eating. I had my gallbladder removed and feel much better. I am still able to eat most foods, and dropped 30 pounds.



answers from Chicago on

Hi, I had just one child and I was sick till delivery! This could be why, and it was the case with me but not everyone. I was having a girl but I didnt know it at the time. When you are carring a girl you have twice the female hormones in your system. We get sick from the overload. Women who carrey boys usually dont morning sickness. My baby was in a breach position from day one. This put pressure on my stomach and helped to cause yet more discomfort. Finally, again in my case, I was having a gallbladder problem that I did not know about. I had a gallbladder attack shortly after delivery , (about 6 months after). If your concerned, tell your doctor. My gallbladder problem was diagnosed witha blood test. A certain protiens shows up. On the bright side, you may be having a girl! I also know of other moms who were sick till the end of their pregnancy and as soon as they delivered, they were fine again. Good Luck



answers from Pittsburgh on

Even the sight of a "lot" of food (portions, billboards, buffets, etc) made me sick my entire pregnancy....what if you eat lighter meals but more frequently?



answers from Dallas on

Have you had your gall bladder checked? I experienced that problem during this pregnancy, and a few weeks later I had a gall bladder attack. Pay attention to what you're eating, and if you feel nauseous after eating anything with fat in it, then call your OB/GYN and ask to have it checked. Otherwise, I'd tell you (like everyone else will) that every pregnancy is different, and you'll have to find ways of adjusting your habits to minimize the nausea. Good luck!

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