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Updated on January 05, 2010
C.C. asks from Grand Rapids, MI
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With my first pregnancy (a boy), I had only 3 or 4 times where I was extremely nauseous - overwhelmingly so - thought I'd throw up, but never did. Each of these few times only lasted about 5-10 minutes long and never happened more than once in a day.

With my second pregnancy (a girl), I had no nausea. I conceived when my son was 6 months old and was nursing exclusively, although he was sleeping 12 hours each night, so no night nursing.

I conceived baby #3 (don't know the gender) when my daughter was 5 months old, nursing exclusively, she does still nurse at night - 2-3 times each night. I am about 6 1/2 weeks along, and for about the past week I have been feeling fairly queezy throughout the day, especially when I have an empty stomach.

I know each pregnancy is different, but just wondering if anyone has any suggestions/ideas as to why this one is so different. Thanks!

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answers from Saginaw on

Baby number 1 (girl) born November 2004, threw up once. A little nausea on and off.

Baby number 2 due July 27, 2010, so far I have thrown up once. I have had all day nausea every day. My best friend told me to drink ginger tea....I love her so much!! It calms my belly down so that I can eat without feeling like I am going to throw up!

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answers from Detroit on

Each pregnancy is totally different...

I am currently on my 24th week of #4. :-)

My 1st (2001)(girl) No nausea, nothing more than just tiredness and sore boobs. Went over due by 2 weeks and had to be induced..8lbs 3 oz

My 2nd (boy- 2004) No nausea, tired, achey, ligament pain... Over due by 2 weeks and induced, easy delivery 9lb 7oz

My 3rd (boy- 2007) No nausea, tired, achey, ligament pain, itchy legs, cravings... Over due by 2 weeks and induced 10 lbs.

This one. (girl due end of april) ugh... nausea, indigestion feeling, tired constantly, possible gallbladder issues causing intense pain attacks. I have been feeling the nausea for the whole pregnancy although I have not thrown up at all. Oh, and the gassy feeling. lol

Each baby causes your body to react differently. It varies on the amount of time your body is given to heal after subsequient births also. You seem to be stacking them pretty close. :-) But that may have nothing to do with it.

Each pregnancy you experience you will notice more of the "symptoms". One factor could be that you yourself are ageing and your not as able to rest yourself because of caring for the other munchkins and life. Make sure you are taking your vitamins so you can combat any deficiencys...

My moms hardest pregnancy was her 5th (and last)... And even though this one has been my "hardest" the things I am experiencing are not out of the realm of normal... Well, except for the pain part... But it could be worse!!

I have found that I HAVE to eat every 2 hours to keep some of that icky feeling at bay. Also chewing on some calcium tums helps wonders also!!!



answers from Detroit on

As you stated, all pregnancies are different and I would also venture to say that it would depend upon what you are demanding of your body. So if you have an empty tummy, you are doing to much then yes, I can see if you are feeling sick.

I'd say have something light and small in your stomach as needed ~ your body will tell you.

I also know that massage & reflexology will relieve this as well as give other benefits your body will require later down the road in your pregnancy. (I truly wish I knew is was indeed okay to receive massages when I was expecting as I feel my pregnancy and delivery would have turned out differently and I may not have had a preemie from a high-stress environment as I was under much stress.)

If anything - always check in with your OBGyn... That is why they are there.



answers from Detroit on

I had the same problem with my son. I ate very small meals often always keeping a little something in my stomach. As long as I was never on empty and I didn't over eat,I did fine. I think it also helped with the weight gain.good luck!



answers from Detroit on

There is no rhyme or reason. I have 3 children and all 3 pregnancies were different in some way. Congrats and enjoy the surprises!



answers from Detroit on

I suggest eating either saltines or pretzels often adn drink your water like you should be. Also don't allow yourself to get too hungry if your over hungry you will feel sick. Eat more often. 6 meals instead of 3 big meals. Have soem oatmeal and fruit than two hrs later some pretzels with water than 2 hrs later yogurt and fruit than coupdl hrs later handful of pretzels or more with water. So forth. try alternating fruits veggies with pretzels and crakcers. Put in a sandwhich here and there or mac and cheese. good luck!



answers from Detroit on

Your body has to make a human being and is supporting another child. You have to be eating a ton of food to get all the nutrition you need otherwise you will be depleting yourself from your body parts. IE: not enough protein your body will take it from your muscle , not enough calcium your body will take it from your bone... you will feel lousy. Our doc had me eat 120 grames of protein a day when I was pregnant, I had to have protein shakes and bars to get enough. I would make sure your getting your prenatal with a full spectrum of nutrients not the stuff most doc give that usually only has what people are deficient in, and the labels don't tell you what is in them. I saw Dr. Randy Tent in Novi he is a clinical nutritional specialist, naturalpath and chiropractor. His number is ###-###-####. He is hard to get into but worth it, you may get into his partner Dr. Jeff Senechal faster
tell the office your pregnant and they may try to get you in faster or put you on a cancellation list.You really need fat too omega 3, 6,9's for babies brain and nervous system but much is probably going into you milk. Good Luck



answers from Detroit on


I was sick with all 3 of my boys, through about 16-20 weeks with each. I always found that I felt worse the more tired I was. I'm sure it's next to impossible for you, but rest up as much as you can! Can your husband feed the baby in then night every now and then so you can sleep?

Enjoy your babies!



answers from Chicago on

Here was my situation:
1st boy (then daughter conceived when he was 5 months old; I was only nursing).
3rd boy (conceived when daughter was 7 months old; I was also only nursing).
They are now 3, 2 and 5 months.

I threw up with the first two, but it was not too much. With the third one, I did not. The only difference was I was getting a ton of sleep with the third pregnancy (as I was not working or getting up early; and I adjusted the kids' bedtimes and naps to get 10 hours at night plus a long nap in the day). I was more tired with this pregnancy but was also battling a sinus infection.



answers from Detroit on

Congratulations on your pregnancy. My suggestion would be not to let your stomach empty. When you're hungry the nausea is worse. Have small frequent snacks, even if it's just a few crackers. I hope you're feeling well soon.

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