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Updated on November 06, 2011
C.S. asks from Midland, TX
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I was wondering if any of you out there have had any success with any natural product you used. I'm so sick of over medicating and I don't even know which direction to go. I am looking for allergy relief and cold relief also since its flu and cold season. But any input with any remedy is welcome (cleaning, vitamins, etc).

Thanks moms!

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answers from Austin on

Buy a nedipod/sinus rinse system and use it religiously. Works wonders! If you really do this 2x/day, you will rarely get colds. You can buy one at any pharmacy. I like the Neilmed brand. I buy the salt at Whole Foods because I like the packaging (but you can get it anywhere). It's a big plastic jar for $5.99. Lasts for a long time.



answers from Detroit on

I've heard a tsp of local honey daily helps with seasonal allergies. And I love to take a super hot shower when I have a head cold. It helps clear some of the goo out of my head when I blow my nose after.

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answers from Chicago on

We do all natural remedies at our house and we have lots of allergies.

For one, the best thing is to reduce the allergens in your home. What are you allergic to? We've had to get a HEPA vacuum and vacuum daily, we have dust mite covers on our mattresses and pillows and we have air cleaners in all the rooms. We have allergen reducing filters on our furnace.

The second thing, is replace your cleaners with all natural ones. Some household cleaners release toxins into the air. I use vinegar and water with a few drops of tea tree oil to clean almost everything.

For natural remedies for cold, flu and allergies I suggest a product with bromelain, quercetin and stinging nettle for allergies. I use NOW brand bromelain quercetin. Both help with histamine control and reduce inflammation. Also, up your intake of vitamin C. We take 1000 mg a day, and if someone around us has a cold we increase it to 3000 a day.

If you have a cold, I took zinc lozenges at the onset along with Emergen-C brand vitamin C packs. It cut the severity and duration of the cold.

Allergy testing is a must to see what you are allergic to. You might be surprised! Your body has an "allergen bucket" meaning if you're around one thing you're allergic to, your body can handle it. But overfill your "bucket" with allergens and your body will have a reaction. For example, if you're allergic to milk, having a little milk may not give you a reaction. But if you have a lot of milk, or a little milk and a banana (if you're allergic to bananas) then you'd have a reaction.

Get a neti pot if you have nasal allergies or issues.

Acupuncture can also help with allergies a lot!

I hope that helps, if you have any questions let me know. We deal with a lot of allergies and asthma here.

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answers from Atlanta on

We detoxed our home about seven years ago and started on a new path with no synthetic chemicals in our life...that included pharmaceuticals. When you think about it they all contraindicate and whose to know what anything in combination (multiple combination) any of them will do. The absence of synthetics gives your body the strength it needs to fight for itself.

Everybody in our house takes an absorbable multivitamin/mineral complex and generally we don't need anything else except every so often. Elderberry extract works well with respiratory issues, like colds and flus, as well as many others. It simply builds your immune system so your body is stronger to fight for itself.

Maintenance chiropractic care also keeps the immune system working properly so it will do what it is suppose to. Our bodies are NOT suppose to reject anything, dogs, grasses, etc...we've weakened ourselves to the point that we can't enjoy what God has given us.

If you're interested in detoxing I'll be glad to walk you through what I did. It was simple and was inexpensive as well. It's saved our lives!

God bless!

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answers from Portland on

I crashed with severe chemical sensitivities over 25 years ago, and have found that natural cleaning aids (vinegar, baking soda, borax and the like) work very well for house cleaning. Several brands of vacuum cleaners are designed NOT to throw dusts and molds back into the house while cleaning floors. It did take me a couple of years of trial and error to find out what worked best for me, but I'm really glad I made the effort.

I can't deal with the side effects of most drugs. When I still get occasional hay-fever-like symptoms, I fall back on a homeopathic remedy that works almost instantly for me. "My" remedy is called histaminum, but depending on your specific symptoms, there are a few other possible remedies that may work better. A talk with the staff at any good health care store may be able to help you decide which one(s) to try first. No side effects, and very low cost.

Nutritionally, vitamin C, quercitin, nettle herb, fish oil and turmeric all seem to help minimize my allergies and asthma. Again, chat with a health food department for some guidance.

Also, I've learned, slowly, that staying calm, centered and forgiving have a salutary effect on my whole body health, including allergies and sensitivities. Wishing you well.

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answers from Stationed Overseas on

Sunshine. Vitamin D is absorbed through the skin by exposing yourself to sunshine without sunscreen. Vitamin D is not absorbed through the stomach/intestines very well if taken orally. Vitamin D is key in boosting your immune system. I make sure my kids and I spend at least 2 hours per week either outside in the sun or sitting inside in front of a window with sunshine coming in.
Clean with vinegar instead of harsh chemicals. Some germs/bacteria are ok and it's not necessary to oversanitze your home.

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answers from Austin on

I've been taking Olive Leaf Extract for four years, and have not been sick, since. I have two kids (5 and 8), and they frequently bring home some kind of bug from school, be it colds or gastrointestinal attacks. I take one a day, as a preventative, and ramp it up if the kids are sick or I feel a little under the weather. I have not been sick in four years.

My friend recommended it as an immune booster, and I've been happy with the results, to say the least.

The Ameriden product (based on her research) has the highest
concentration, and this is the cheapest price I was able to find on it:

Also, here are a couple of websites that give more information on it:




answers from Seattle on

We use the Wish Garden Line
They have a kids line, pregancy/breasfteeding line and a not kid/pregnant line. We really find that these help and my 3 year old will take the herbs with no problem. We also have him take a spoon of honey when he has a cough. They have done studies that show honey is just as effective as cough syrup. I also make this concoction when we are all starting to feel ill. 4 cups of water, 1 inch of fresh ginger sliced, 1 bunch of green onions chopped with some green parts cut in the mix too, 1 tablespoon of brown sugar. Put all in a saucepan, bring to a boil and then simmer for 10 mins. Drink it when it is drinkable but not cold and drink as quickly as you can. It should make you warm and the idea is to sweat it out. I even sometimes will wear a scarf and bundle up to really get warm. This usally does the trick in that we don't get sick or the duration is really short. And it tastes good too :)


answers from Atlanta on

My secret to healthy is Vitamin D3. Most people are deficient in it... and everyone needs it. It's now recommended that people start taking 35iu per pound. I'm pregnant so I take about 5,000iu every day. It takes A LOT to overdose with vitamin d so don't worry about that. But do that every day and it will give you lots of energy. Also, when you feel a cold coming on... take tons of vitamin c at once. Whatever your body doesn't want it will get rid of in your urine. You can't overdose. Do it until you feel better :)



answers from College Station on

For allergies, local honey is supposed to work well. The bees use the pollen in the area to make the honey, so your body is exposed to the allergens in smaller amounts so your immune system doesn't go haywire.

For colds, vapor bath, steam, neti pot, echinacea, zicam are all drug free ways to treat them. Good diet is better- so your immune system is in top form.

What do you mean by "over medicating"? Do you mean giving meds at the drop of a hat for every little thing or do you mean giving more than the recommended dose of a medicine when you take it (the true meaning of the phrase)? You can stop both. Just don't take a pill when you think you need one. Your child (or yourself) does not need tylenol or advil when they have a fever. That is the body's way of getting rid of invading germs. Fevers should be left to burn unless they are excessively high. That is the best "natural medicine" for illness.



answers from San Antonio on

Neti pot or Sinus Rinse kit has reduced the amount of meds I have had to take!



answers from Austin on

Didn't see this in all your responses so far, so here's another option!
Zinc lozenges! My tendency is for the drainage to go on until I get bronchitis or a sinus infection. I can usually feel it coming on and that is when I start sucking on zinc lozenges. I have tried the straight zinc tablets, which work just as well, but the taste is pretty harsh. I do the lozenges - up to 6 a day the first day and taper off from that each day until I am sure I am in the clear. This has worked well for me for the last 5? years or so - and I used to have respiratory infections like clockwork.
Hope this helps!



answers from Odessa on

Love my neti pot......



answers from Madison on

That's the only way we medicate is with supplements and herbals and nutriceuticals. My daughter and I have a liver mutation where we can't use pharma drugs. We see a naturopathic doctor, and I do a lot of my own research and scour natural pharmakopia books on natural remedies.

Since we went off pharma drugs (and started eating organic food and drinking reserse osmosis water and getting rid of anything artificial/chemicals/pesticides), we haven't had a cold or the flu in four years.

We use a supplement from our naturopathic doctor for my daughter's grass pollen allergy and for my cold uticara (hives) and my husband's seasonal allergies. It's called Springboard D-Hist Jr. and can only be bought from a naturopathic doctor.

For the cold/flu season, we don't get the flu shot. That's almost guaranteeing you'll get the flu, no matter what the health officials say. Everyone takes 2,000 mg of Vit D3 every day, along with Vit C in some form. We also build up our immune system by taking medicinal mushrooms; I buy a compound made up of 10 different mushrooms from, where I get good savings on high quality supplements. If you get a sinus cold, the best thing I've ever used is a neti pot (uses water and salt). You can buy one at Walgreens or any other store that has a pharmacy. That will irrigate your sinus passages and clear all the gunk out.

Other than that, eat high quality, good nutritional food (like organic), drink lots of water, and get plenty of sleep. Exercise helps build the immune system as well.


answers from Houston on

I have luck using mostly natural products for far as the cold season i keep on hand.............

a neti pot(for stuffy noses and general head stuffiness)
1000 milligram packets of vit c(for energy and allergy protection)
oscillicoccinum (to stave off the early onset of a cold)
kombucha drinks,greek yogurt(for probiotics)
echinacea and zinc(as prevention)
ear candles and oil of oregano (for ear issues)

basically i try to eat lots of fruit....all the time, i snack on it, i graze on it, often it makes up the bulk of my meals. Its really wonderful at keeping you healthy.



answers from Houston on

Honey, honey, honey, honey, honey! Raw local honey. I began putting honey in my green tea daily about 15 years ago. Prior to that, I was a walking kleenex box. Honey changed my life! I may get the sniffles every once in a while (when others are having full-blown attacks) but other than that, nothing. I began giving it to my son on his peanut butter sandwiches as soon as he was old enough. (He likes it as a dip or straight from the jar, also) He's 4 and has never been down with anything. Honey is an amazing natural remedy for lots of things. I even use it instead of topical antibiotic (it's a natural antibiotic). I could go on and on but I won't. Try it. It has to be local to you (within an hour or so) and it takes about a month to start affecting you but after that, you'll notice the changes.



answers from Victoria on

I am super sensitive to meds! Like if I take a pain pill, say good night for the next day or two!

I love natural remedies. When I was younger and drinking lots of soda I would get bladder infections. Then I took some cranberry supplements and it cleared up. As an adult I rarely drink soda but sometimes get on a kick with them. Just drinking cranberry juice at the first sign of an infection works wonders. I eat loads of greek plain non fat yogart. Which helps with digestive and yeast in the body.

the above link is my go to for cleaning things. Vinegar also works wonders for my hair!!!! Only a few times a month though.

I would look for a local homeopathy shop or a all natural store. Not sure if Central Market HEB's are up around Midland area, if so someone there should point you in the right directions.

My kids are very allergic to bug bites. A misquitoe bite will last a week on them. I use natural bug spray and Burts Bees res-q- ointment on the bites. My little ones actually come to me and ask for the bug bite ointment. Works great and sooths the itch. All natural .

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