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Updated on September 24, 2007
L.N. asks from Saint Joseph, MI
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Hi Moms~
I was answering a post from another mom and in turn, came up with a question of my own. I, too, have the runny nose kids all winter long. We've done the allergy testing, tried the allergy meds (which I prefer not to give b/c they don't work anyway) so we just live with it. My question to some of you is do any of you know any natural remedies? I know that a few of you have extensive knowledge of herbals whereas my training is in medicine. Would any of you be so kind as to share your expertise? Thanks ahead of time!

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So What Happened?

Thanks everyone~ since my post I caught the cold my youngest was starting to we are all going to start on some natural supplements for the winter. I also recently switched to formula with probiotics and I firmly believe it made a difference in my baby's cold NOT turning into something that required meds. I know that particular formula is supposed to be 'digestive tract health' but I believe it's all related. What a great resourse this is where we can pool our knowledge/experience and be better moms! You guys rock! Im headed to the natural foods store soon, with a copy of this post in hand!! ;)

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Is it only in the winter or year round? I think I remember you mentioning it was in the winter only??

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I second the Emergen-C And double checking your diet. And just because the Allergy test came back negative doesn't mean there isn't sensitivity to something. Make sure your furnace filter is changed often (in the winter we change ours every other month to help cut down on dust)

You might want to try a homeopathic remedy too often available in health food stores. I would recommend Natrum muriaticum 30C take a dose wait for a response if things start clearing continue to wait, if not take another dose. Sometimes you will have to take several doses a day (which is NOT harmful in the least) if this remedy doesn't work you might try Pulsatilla, or Dulcamara

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hi L. i do not have an answer to your question. but i see you are a medical asst. i just started looking into going to school for that myself.i just looked into ross medical .can you tell me where you went and is it everything you thought it would be. thanks for any help you can pass my way. a little about me i am a38yr old with 3 kids 20,16,and 14months.i am a full time mom. thanks again S.



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Hi, L.. Great question. I have found that anytime we get "mucus-ish" (it's a new word!), regardless of season, has more to do with diet than anything else. Often times, it is caused by dairy or other non-dairy processed foods, such as breads, pastas, even some meats. Winter is a great time for mom's to break out things like hot chocolate and soups, too - all of which are processed and mucus forming, so our young ones end up with runny noses because the body doesn't digest them well, so it purges them instead (thus the mucus-ish-ness). Natural remedies? First, obviously, is prevention by eliminating the foods. But if the foods are being eaten, I recommend extra boosts of Vitamin C, which we get tons of by using Emergen-C (a powder vitamin drink with tons of minerals, as well). We get the sugar-free kind and put it in water. Older kids can do one full packet, younger should do 1/2. Also, if you visit your local health store and request help getting a viral detox homeopath, they can give you a dropper bottle of whatever they have. Use generously. If you'd like more info on anything specifically, I'm more than happy to help. I don't want to bore you! :-) God bless you this winter and always. B. in Flint



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After living most of life with dreadful allergy problems, I have learned of a 'cure' for all of my (previous) allergy problems. Visit the website I know it sounds a little scary, but it's a lot better (the results), than allergy problems. (Another good prevention is breast feeding (exclusively), great for building the immune system of the growing baby) J. C. Lactation Consultant (see add on this website)



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Have you ever heard of Melaleuca The Wellness Company? They have wonderful products for everything from cold supplements to cleaning your toilets without those harsh ingredients.



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if you are near Royal Oak, I would suggest heading over to Nutri-Foods (on Main Street downtown), or maybee your nearest whole foods and talking to a certified holistic medicine advisor... everyone at nutri-foods is very knowledgable and the suggestions they offer always do me a world of good! I am a huge allergy sufferer myself). For the really bad times of the year I take allergy/sinus tabs that contain loads of garlic concentrate (will keep the vampires away for sure ;D), a nasal spray they gave me which has horseradish in it (use in graduated doses ESPECIALLY in little noses as it stings a bit), sound weird I know, but it that stuff in particular is a maracle cure! Finnally, flush regularly... for the 16 year old, they have netti-pots (they can explain at the store for you) and for the little guys, go with aerosal 'simply saline'... they will despise it, but the saline will not only loosen the mucus, and clear the nasal pasages (including ridding them of allergens), but it actually helps to disolve the gook, making a difference that blowing, 'snot suckers', and even medicine can't... just make sure you get enough of a flow in there to flush instead of simply wetting...



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Hey there L. I am new to the Mamasource, just joined yesterday, but I had to respond to your post. We used to have the same thing all winter long, went through allergy testing too, plus my husband had bad eczema and finally my sister told me it might be something in the house that is aggravating it. So we just took out all the household chemicals (cleaning and personal care stuff) and starting shopping with Melaleuca 7 years ago just like Lorenia M suggested, and it helped us tremendously. There are a lot of health food stores that have more naturally derived ingredients in their products rather than the harsh chemicals too, so you might want to check those out, but they are more expensive. It might not help your problem, but it worked for us. :)



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Dear L.,

I too have fought the same battle for a long time and I wanted to bring this to your attention. There is a vitamin for children that I would like to look the information up on.
They have a children's powder vitamin that is all natural with all the vitamins you need and it is blended with blueberries, carrot powder, boysenberries, raspberries, Broccoli powder etc. I have found that with my son who is now 11 has severely suffered from allergies and when he gets his system run down he gets much worse. These vitamins are placed into water and you can make popsicles out of them. They are the best I have ever seen and it will help to boost your child's system. It is the only product that most kids like the taste.

If you are interested, you need to contact me as a distributor so I can get you a 35%-80% savings or free.

My email is prayers are thoughts are with you - I too am a happily married Christian women...any chance you go to the BSF study downiver?




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I have had the same problem with my 4 year old son, he has had runny nose and ear infections since the day he was born, the doctors took out his adnoids on friday, and we are hoping that will help, but before hand I have used the NETTI POT, it looks like a gray boat, and you add warm water along with the saline salt packs that come with it, we put the netti pot in one nostrile and the water comes out the other, cleaning the sinus cavities. This works quite a bit. It takes all the infectios out of his nose, and snot will decrease, and turn clear. Good luck
you can buy the netti pot at the pharmacy, or online Sinucleanse is the brand.

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