Natural Hair/skin Care Solutions?

Updated on October 22, 2010
J.C. asks from Beaver Crossing, NE
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Okay, so I've been taking my family down the uncomfortable road of kicking chemicals out of our lives. We've stopped buying foods with MSG, Aspartame, or High Fructose Corn Syrup. We've started buying as much "all natural" and "organic" food as possible. We've switched to cleaning with Vinegar, lemon juice, and water (works great by the way). And I recently tried shaving with olive oil instead of soap or shave gel. Wow! What a difference. My skin feels great, and what a close shave!

Now I'd like to switch some more of my skin care products to natural alternatives and find some natural alternatives for Shampoo and conditioner. I tried the baking soda scalp cleanse with a vinegar rinse, it worked well but was too time consuming to do on a regular basis. Baking soda as a face/body cleanse was great though!
Do any of you have any good shampoo or conditioner recipes? Any natural skin care tricks?

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answers from Lincoln on

I haven't found a good homemade alternative for shampoo or conditioner. My answer is to visit the local organic health food store and read the ingredients on the bottles. I have found some I really like there and my hair has a shine it didn't have before changed.

I also save on shampoo by washing every other day. I do a rinse every morning on the off days for styling reasons.

Good luck

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answers from Chicago on

Good for you. The only conditioner recipe that I have found is the apple cider vinegar and water as I am sure it what you used.
Here is a website with a few options for shampoo based on what you are looking for.
I currently use the basic shampoo with peppermint Liquid Castile soap, distilled water and grapeseed oil and have liked it a lot.

Also, if you are interested here is my laundry detergent recipe also just for something new to think about.
I have used #9 for a year and enjoy it. I have used both Zote bar soap and Kirk's Castile soap with success.

Soon I hope to find a homemade deodorant but I am a little gun shy on that but know getting the aluminum out is better than worrying about it not working once. Good luck!

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answers from Minneapolis on

Pure organic coconut oil is great for skin and hair. I love the smell. Also prevents sunburn.

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answers from Bismarck on

Organic Coconut Oil! I use it as a skin moisturizer, deep conditioning hair treatment, for cooking and as a spread on toast. I buy the Nutiva brand from vitacost.

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answers from Colorado Springs on

Good girl! Us mamas have to take the reins and keep our families safe!

Check out I got my recipe for homemade laundry detergent from there years ago, and it's awesome. I can make roughly 16 gallons of safe, excellent detergent for less than $10--safe for babies, no silica's or perfumes and it works really great. Also, I've posted my skin oil recipe there for an all purpose moisturizer that works great too...I'm trying to find a good recipe for homemade shampoo using yucca or soapwort--naturally soapy plants. However, there's also some possibilities with homemade soaps from coconut oil or olive oil...let me know if you find something really good and I'll do the same!

Oh--check out for all kinds of good advice on natural stuff--I've used that site for years also and it's really helpful.

Best wishes and blessings

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answers from Duluth on

I don't know about making shampoo or conditioner.. but wanted to suggest a good lotion for you. We really like it and have used it ever since my OB suggested it to me during my first pregnancy. Its called Vanicream and it is a bit pricey, but a little goes a long long way with it. Its gentle enough to use on young children, but very effective. The reason my OB suggested it to me is because the preservatives etc in normal lotion were drying my skin out even more and wreaking havoc on it. Vanicream doesn't have preservatives or scent in it.



answers from Pittsburgh on

If you are looking for natural cosnetics try Tarte-Sephora sells it. And lots of people use oils to cleanse their face.



answers from Milwaukee on

I highly recommend! Hit me up if you have any questions! Good for you! Be very careful and be informed, because a lot of products "claim" to be natural, but are not! Good luck and have fun!



answers from Amarillo on

I make my own soaps and body creams. This way I know what is in them and I can make them for the summer and winter climates. Yes I mean the type of soap that grandma made but it is now scientific with weights and measures so it doesn't burn your skin. There are several sites that have formulas for shampoo and such. PM and I will send you some.

The other S.

PS Good for you for trying to go back to the way it was in cleaning organically.



answers from Milwaukee on

SHAKLEE! They have everything. They have been organic for over 50 years and continually test their products to make sure every ingredient has not been compromised in any way. Shaklee has a full line of hair care, skin care and beauty products. Adult nutrition, children nutrition and skin care. Weight loss, and great cleaning products. All of the research to back it up, and 100% satisfaction guaranteed!
"Use them and live a much healthier life. Promote them and make a much healthier income"
I'd love to chat more if you are interested. or [email protected]



answers from Minneapolis on

I use Aveda for all my hair care products and just recently swtiched to Origins for all my skin care and cosmetics. I love, love, love Origins: they have great lines of products for all skins types. Niether line has parabens, phlalates, etc. Good luck!