Natural Cures to Increase Healthy White Blood Cells

Updated on July 31, 2009
S.M. asks from Wilmington, DE
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My name is S.. I received quite a bit of 'not-so-good' news yesterday. One thing being about my cousin who has been diagnosed with Leukemia. He was recently admitted into the hospital because he had a fever that they couldn't break. He has been on 24Hr Kemo for almost a week and they said that his body is losing the fight. A match of found for him but the drs. are only giving the BMTransplant 10% chance of working and are giving him about three weeks. (UUUUUUUUUUUGGGGHHHHHH!)

DOES ANYONE HAVE ANY SUGGESTIONS ON WHAT MIGHT WORK! We are praying and believing because God can, will and has healed.

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So What Happened?

Hello and thank you to all my Mamasource friends!

I wanted to thank you for all of your prayters and the advice you've given me. My cousin has decided to stay in the hospital, receive chemo and fight. I have forwarded all of the information on to my aunt and will continue to push them hoping they choice a more natural approach.

As for my lump, it is just a cyst. I will follow up with my Dr on Monday.

Be blessed and thanks again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

************ Thanks again to everyone that responded! We appreciate your prayers and concern. Just to let you know, my cousin is at home. There was an donor drive and as it turned out there were two possibles, his father being the second. The stem cell transplant was a success and two weeks after he was sent home. He's recovering well. The drs are perplexed. they don't seem to understand the power of prayer. In August his white count was thru the roof. They only gave him two weeks and a 10% chance after the transplant. Well, well, well! Thank You Lord!

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answers from Williamsport on

Hi, S.,
I've been online a lot lately looking for foods to help my uncle's newly diagnosed prostate cancer. I've been surprised at how much good information is out there when you start poking around, so I'm sure the same would be true for natural remedies for his specific condition-I'm sure you already know that and sorry you're in such a hurried situation. In conjunction with his treatment, natural remedies, positivity and prayer are the best and strongest things you can do. The suggestion about Reiki is excellent, I hope he can access that where he is. He's lucky to have you caring for him, and I'll add him to my family's prayer group as well.
Here's a good list on Dr Sear's website for white blood cell building foods and herbs:
Best hopes and prayers to you
a m y

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answers from Allentown on

Hi S.,

If he is in the hospital, I don't know what help this can do but there is an organization of Alternative Medicine Physicians. There web site is:

Hope this helps. I will pray that he will recover.

Here is another web site that might be helpful.


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answers from Philadelphia on

Hi S.,
Have you heard of Reiki? Reiki is the Japanese word for universal life energy and Reiki is a gentle method of hands on healing that taps into that energy. Were all made up spiritually, mentally, physically and when those are out of sorts then disease can happen. Reiki coupled with medical treatment will make your cousin feel so much more comfortable, ask his hospital if they offer Reiki or can reccommend someone in your area. If you can't find anyone let me know, Reiki can also be done distantly and I can help with that and if you give me his name I can add him to the Reiki healing list.

Also, type in best foods that help with disease, I did this for my husband(melonoma cancer) and found all kinds of cool info about foods., I can't find the website that I was looking at but if you want I can cut and paste the info.

Keep being such a great advocate for your cousin and praying that as you know is the best, I'm sending you, your cousin and your family warm hugs and prayers!! M.

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answers from Pittsburgh on

I am so sorry your cousin has to fight this battle and I'm sorry you and your family have to watch him go through this. I don't know of any natural remedies to boost prodution of white blood cells, though there are drugs that do that. One of them is nupagin (probably did not spell that correctly). Have those drugs been considered? You might want to try contacting your local Leukemia and Lymphoma Society to see if they can suggest anything. They have a lot of resources.

As a mom who has had to hear the words "your son has leukemia" my heart truly does go out to you and your family. Even at that, our experiences are quite different. For example, my son has not needed a BMT. Outside of your specific question, I would recommend keeping things positive. Try to make the atmosphere around him as comforting as possible. I, as do others, believe that can promote healing. Bring in his favorite music, comfortable blankets, etc. If he is willing to try massage, meditation, etc they may help.

I hope you'll keep us posted on his progress. I will be praying for him.



answers from Philadelphia on

I lost a sister to leukemia. I just wanted to tell you that you are all in my prayers. Try to stay srong and i hope things go well. God bless.



answers from Sharon on

First off, get him off the chemo - it's been proven and documented that common substances in chemo-therapy will actually cause worse damage than cancer.
Second, several servings of raw apple cider vinegar per day, and do a search for Essiac tea, and have it overnighted.
Third, don't let anyone tell you "there is no [natural] cure" in regards to ANYTHING... except for willful ignorance and stupidity.



answers from Harrisburg on

Hi S.,

You already have your answer....the Lord can and will do what the doctors cannot do. He is the TRUE physician. Lean on him for strength and encouragement at this time. Your family is in my prayers. Take care and God Bless!!!



answers from Pittsburgh on

Your cousin is in my thoughts and prayers. God Bless.


answers from Pittsburgh on

I would recommend calling Len and Joe (, who are on 730AM radio, weekdays from 2pm-5pm. They're compounding pharmacists, certified naturopaths and other degrees. They've helped us with TONS of health issues (2 auto-immune diseases, cholesterol, infertility), including our son's neutrapenia (sp?) due to premature birth. This blood disorder was from not making enough white cells, and he was on the leukemia watchlist for months (testing him weekly, and we weren't allowed to leave the house for 4mos).

To boost his immunity, I breastfed as much as possible, but also added probiotics and colostrum supplements to daily bottles. I'm sure L&J can recommend supplements (either thru themselves or elsewhere) that can help.

We are also believers in chiropractic care - our son has been adjusted since coming home from the NICU and has fought several illnesses and disorders from being a premie - we think chiropractic care was part of him being so healthy (along with ourselves).

Good luck!!!!!!



answers from Philadelphia on

I am sorry so to hear of the bad news. I am glad to hear that they found a match with the blood marrow. I would have them do that. If he is a fighter then he may have a chance.I do not know of any thing natural that would help in this situation. I will say a prayer for him.



answers from Philadelphia on

I'm surprised at how many know about sources about healthy white blood cells. They sound worth looking into, not only for your cousin, but for you, too. Do all you can in that area & make sure things are ok about it with doctors--not that they have all the answers though.

As far as the Great Physician (the Lord) goes, you can ask for healing and to ease any discomfort. There is power in prayer. But in the long run, IF his days in this world are coming to an end, the important thing to do is have him consider and then find out where he will spend eternity.

Should these NOT be his final days on earth, great, but make something he considers and knows UNTIL that time comes.

Hopefully this WON'T be the end for him, but lots of people seem to wait till their on their death beds to think about it. The benefits are far better if one thinks about it and knows a lot sooner! (it's a better life)

Just ask for God's will to be done, but also for God's wisdom, peace and comfort in the matter. Our thoughts and prayers are with you.



answers from Pittsburgh on

Hi S., so sorry to hear about your cousin- i will be praying for his healing. i would highly recommend a great friend of mine who is a naturapathic dr. in greensburg- dr. Christine brinker. She and her husband would be happy to help over the phone. They are a very nice Christian couple. I know a few things that could help but i think it would be best to talk w/ them- they have more experience. The # is ###-###-#### if u want to call.

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