Natural Childbirth at Baylor Irving

Updated on June 19, 2010
E.K. asks from Irving, TX
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This is my second post and I first wanted to thank everyone who replied already to my first. This website has been so helpful! I've delivered my last two babies at Baylor Dallas with the midwives there. I am expecting again and live only a few blocks from Baylor Irving. I'm wondering if anyone has had a natural childbirth there and/or how they liked the hospital in general (staff, rooms, etc). Thanks to everyone's generous previous posts, I've found a handful of OBs that deliver at Baylor Irving that I'm going to schedule consultations with, but, in the meantime, I'm wondering if anyone has any experiences to share. I'm not trying to replace Baylor Dallas, I know how unique it is! Thankfully I have not needed much beyond a nurse and someone to catch the baby, so I'm just hoping for a decent, friendly hospital. You can't beat a few blocks away!

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So What Happened?

I ended up having a miscarriage and a D & C and just really wanted to go back to the midwives at Baylor Dallas (Lindsay Stephens and Jane Singer. Dr. Kurian did the procedure and I really liked her, too). At a time like that, you really just want what you know and what's familiar! From what I've gathered, Baylor Irving is a great hospital to deliver at, even though it might be smaller and older than other hospitals. If I had to choose a doctor there, I'd go with either Nahile Natour or George Theilen. Dr. Natour was very supportive of all my "natural" choices, but, for a woman who is nervous and always worrying, she didn't have a reassuring amount of experience. The real deal breaker was that I had no choice of times in scheduling my appointments. OB appointments were only on Tuesdays, and, depending on what you were going in for, only at certain times on Tuesdays. Dr. Theilen had the reassurance of a lot of experience and was fairly easy to talk to, but wasn't too excited about me trying to breastfeed while pregnant and laughed out loud at me when I tried to tell him that I really know how to use NFP, even though I was surprised by my most recent pregnancy. Both people had very friendly, pleasant offices. I ended up going to an OB at UT Southwestern that was recommended by a friend. His name was Dr. Wanderley Oliveira and while I really liked him and his office, he didn't have ultrasound capabilities in his office which was a huge inconvenience, especially when you're having a miscarriage and have to find a babysitter for three kids! Also, his partner/back up doctor is his daughter, but I was advised to avoid her. Dr. Wanderley and his staff couldn't have been more caring and helpful through all of this. He treated me better than any doctor I've ever been to and did all those things like taking a truly thorough history and really taking the time to get to know me and my situation. If it ever made sense and was more convenient, and, if he were still in practice--he's rather advanced in years--I would go back to him. Thanks for all the responses!

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Hi E.,

Baylor Irving was a great hospital for me to give natural birth to my twins sons this past April. 90% of the staff was awesome! My boys were delivered by Dr Fannous (sp?) he works in the same practice as my Dr., Collette Dominique. He was great! He didn't give up on me having my boys natural as I didn't have c-section recovery time. The hospital was very clean & the room nice. I was born at that hospital when it was Irving Community. I feel like you should have a great experience! Hope this helps. Have a great weekend!



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We LOVE Dr James Peters at Medical Center Riverside ###-###-####) I have seen him since I became pregnant with my first 8 years ago. He is very laid back easy going Dr. Three years later he delivered my second, both at Baylor Irving. We had a great stay both times. Not only did Peters deliver both my girls, we had the same Dr assisting in the OR when I needed the first time and wanted the second time a CSection. They have two wings and they were working on remodeling them four years ago when my little one came. Though I did not choose natural childbirth, Dr Peters is open to a mothers plan and even help me stick to my choice of CSection, over forcepts and suction, the first time around. Dr Peters is in practice with another Dr, a woman, Dr B..... I have not met her, she replaced his other partner Dr White when he retired due to a back injury. As a patient, Dr Peters and White made us see both of them throughout the pregancy. We alternated between Drs each visit. That way, they knew one of them would deliver my children and I would be comfortable with another dr. I never worried about a stranger coming in last minute to pinch hit for someone on vacation. In the end, they were both their for both of my children.

Best of luck!



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I think that your chances of a natural birth are directly related to the hospitals primary c-section rate which is listed here
This has Baylor Irving at 17.6% - similar to Baylor Dallas and Las Colinas at 28.8% so I think that Baylor Irving is the better choice between the two. The nice thing about being so close is you could decide to wait to go to hte hospital till the last possible moment so you could have the majority of your labor in the comfort of your home.

Also, have you thought about a homebirth or birth center? There is a birth center in Grand Prarie one in Hurst and several in Dallas. With a homebirth your midwife would come to you. Both are often covered by insurance.
I persnally have not done either of these but hope to with my next pregnacy, I have not decided wich yet.

Good luck with your interviews I hope you find the birth option that suits you best.



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Does baylor irving have private or semiprivate rooms?
I am looking for a good OBGYN in Irving.



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Hi E., Congrats! I hope everything goes wonderful for you and your little one!
I delivered at Baylor Irving, I had a health issue, so we had to do a C-Section, but the nurses and staff at Irving were top notch!!! I had a great bunch of nurses who were very supportive. (they acted like I was a wonderwoman when I got up and walked even tho I know everyone else does it!) I was very worried about security, but they showed me all the precautions they take with newborns, so I felt more comfortable. You can take a free guided tour and they will show you all their natural birth facilities. Good luck!

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