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Updated on January 13, 2010
C.D. asks from Newport Beach, CA
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Hi - I am entering my 7th month of pregnancy and have been taking hynopbabies birthing class. I'm thinking of switching my OB because I just don't feel 100% confident with her. I'm looking for an OB that has birthing rights at Hoag and also believe in natural birthing method. Thanks for your help.

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Kathleen Laughlin with Newport Family Medicine is amazing!! She's very supportive of natural birth and is a pretty laid back doctor. She's worked with many clients who use the Hyponbirthing/HypnoBabies method.

You can contact me via if you have any additional questions about natural birth, etc.



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My son was born naturally at Hoag 4 mo ago and our OB was Laughlin as well. She is great. Super laid back. You should go meet with her. Her office is by Fashion Island. Good Luck and congratulations!



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Hi there,

Are you firm on birthing at Hoag? I saw Dr. Dubyak (has since left the practice) and Dr. Jeffrey Illeck at Beach OBGYN in Huntington Beach with my last baby and did a natural birth at Hoag. Dr. Dubyak was the one who delivered my baby, but I was very upfront with both OBs and they were very supportive of natural birthing.

When it was all said and done, I was disappointed that the hospital required me to be hooked up to the fetal monitor for 20 minutes every hour. It makes it VERY difficult to stay focused on relaxation or other pain coping techniques when they want you to lie on the bed during transition. I felt like it was the hospital policy that made it difficult rather than who my OB was (since they just show up when you are pushing anyway.)

If you are going for a natural birth and have the OPTION, I would probably suggest that you birth at Orange Coast Memorial Hospital with the midwife group at Talbert Medical Center. Related closely is Saddleback Memorial Hospital in Laguna Hills - they have jetted tubs that you can use for pain management during labor as long as your water hasn't broken yet. Dr. Kenneth James is the OB I'd trust as he works as a backup for the midwives at Beach Side Birthing Center - so he has a LOT of exposure to natural birthing and is supportive of it.

I am 41 weeks pregnant right now and plan to birth at the Beach Side Birthing Center. I am still young and trust my body to deliver beautifully (this is my fourth baby) and want the most natural experience possible. I hope you find someone who you have a lot of faith in - it really makes a large difference in the overall experience.

Much luck to you!

Also - kudos to you for desiring a natural birth. The recovery is SO much nicer, and it's the most empowering experience I've ever had. When you have a baby the way your body is designed to, you feel like you can conquer the world! Don't be afraid of it - it's really amazing!



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Hey C.,
I also have been through the Hypnobabies classes and I am now 39 weeks along. I am with Dr. Gigi Kroll and she has many positive comments to say about Hypnobabies.
I have requested natural birthing on my Birth Plan, and the doctor was able to accommodate 95% of my plan. The only thing that she was really adamant about was getting a Pitocin injection after I have delivered the baby and the placenta. Apparently it prevents hemhoraging which is the number one fatality of mothers during birth, and it is also a hospital policy. You can sign a waiver to request not to have it.
If I were younger and not had any complications in my pregnancy I would hire a midwife and deliver at home, but alas, this is not the case for me.



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Try Dr. Lisa Worsch. You may also go to Hoag's web-site and bring up the list of Obstetrians (sp?). There is a brief bio of each doctor. It may help. You may also try their baby line. Maybe they can give you a recommendation. Best of luck to you.

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