Natural Alternatives to Zyrtec?

Updated on November 29, 2011
C.M. asks from Harpers Ferry, WV
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So, if you have read my other posts, you know about my 6 year old daughters allergies. Her allergist wants her to be taking zyrtec every day from now on. She breaks out in hives every single day. So far she has tested negative (skin tests) for peanuts, and eggs. She skin tested positive for dogs, grass, hazelnuts, and pecans. Also has shown a severe reaction to ibuprofen. She also slightly is hypothyroid (runs in the family) and has some type of auto immune. The dr isn't sure what type of auto immune but they are thinking it's hashimoto's because I have it. But, he also thinks that her hives are auto immune and not an allergy. But, anyway back to my question. I hate to have to give her meds every day. Is there any type of homeopathic remidy for allergies? I am much more into natural medicines and would rather do something that way since I know it would be better for her. Her dr. kind of rolls his eyes when I told him I was thinking of taking her to a homeopathic dr. My reason for that is because we have been told from 3 different endo's that they refuse to see her because her thyroid levels aren't bad enough. Anyway, this is longer than I though it would get, lol! We are doing another blood test to double check all her skin testing (he also does blood testing for it to be more accurate) and to re check her thyroid levels next week, so we will know more then. But, my main question is, is there anything I can do naturally for her allergies rather than taking zyrtec daily? Thanks!

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So What Happened?

Thanks again everyone. I do use all natural cleaning products. I don't use any harsh chemicals. We don't have carpet. It's not even sinus allergies. It's hives, and that's the reason he wants her on the zyrtec daily. But, I know if we miss a day or if she ever stops taking it then she will have a major flare up becuase all the zyrtec would be doing is covering up the symptoms, not fixing the actual problem. No, I am not Japaneese. My husband is Filipino, so my daughter is half. I have hashimotos and so that is why the dr. think that she has it too. Her antibody levels were sky high on her last blood test 3 months ago, which is why he is saying she has an auto immune problem, but which one is not confirmed. He is just guessing. I also have a cousin with lupus. So, I don't even know how we would find out exactally which one it is.
I totally know he wants the money. I have not filled the prescription yet, I don't want to give her anything before her next blood test on Tuesday because I don't want it to mess with the results. I will buy some local honey from here. We live near a lot of farms so it's pretty easy to find. My mom is certified in homeopathy and my mom's best friend (my 2nd mom) has a doctorates in nutrition and has helped me along the way with me having a hypothyroid and most recently hashimoto's. I also see a homeopathic dr. for my thyroid issues.
Thank you!

honey! Yes! She LOVES honey! She will eat it with a spoon, lol! One of her favorite things to eat. So, how much per day? Just a spoon full? once a day or more? Thanks!!

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answers from Norfolk on

I, too, would try honey but if it doesn't work please be open to the possibility that she may need the Zyrtec every day. Having been a child with allergies and asthma and now having a child with both, it can be very uncomfortable and very scary to go through. While I agree that medicine is not everything there are some that are worth their weight in gold and for us it happens to be the allergy meds. Good luck!

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answers from Richmond on

first question, are you of japanese descent ? because hashimotos is almost exculsively a combination of allergies that, taken together, is almost entirely japanese.hashimotos being almost always found in japan, it would make sense to talk to a doctor that specializes in studying this particular problem.zyrtec is not recommended for anyone under 12, but i am guessing the doctor didnt bother to tell you that, (he was probably too busy cashing the check from the pharmacutical company to read the fine print), anyway, echinea is a good subsitute for zyrtec, and no side effects. just read the label, and no, dairy consumption doesnt effect hashimotos one way or the other.the doctor was rolling his eyes at the ideal of you trying a something natural because he likes cashing your checks,
K. h.



answers from Houston on

How about "local honey"? Is she allergic to bees? They say local honey is a great source of immunity from allergies. I find it at the local farmer's markets and the grocery store. I applaud you for looking for organic help first. Poor sweetie. Good luck.


answers from Dallas on

Shaklee has supplements that can really help allergies. My son had so many ear infections the doctor was almost begging me to put in tubes. She sent us home with a bagful of allergy meds. That same day we started the Shaklee children's supplements and we ended up never even opening the meds.
I can also recommend a homeopathic clinical nutritionist if you are interested.



answers from Washington DC on

Hi C. - I think you are really smart to explore natural alternatives. Good luck finding the solution. I've seen many kids helped by getting all the chemicals out of the home & off the body. Do you currently use non-toxic cleaning products & bath products? If not, it might be something to consider. If the respiratory system isn't under constant onslaught by every day products, it can better within stand allergens. Please be in touch if you'd like more info. Wishing you all the best!



answers from Santa Barbara on

I'm so thankful to have kept reading and find out you are doing the preferred blood testing method for Specific IgE (total IgE is also quantified with this test). Please make sure this is NOT the RAST method of testing. It is also a blood test but is much less accurate. There is a pediatric profile and one for inhaled allergens as well as food allergens.

Wait until you see what the results are before you are against medication. Have there been any eczema noticed, chronic GI distress or recurrent ear infections in her life?



answers from Los Angeles on

go a nasal wash on her it will help clear out her sinus' and nose. it will take a bit to get use to but it helps. is there something you use on her everyday that could be making her break out (chemicals in lotion, soap,etc). my daughter gets hives from the environment and from chemicals so i use nothing scented on her at all.



answers from Pittsburgh on

I,too, have heard the local honey theory. Couldn't hurt to try it, right? Good luck. And I totally understand not wanting to give you child a med every day. I don't like that idea either!

I have read a teaspoon per day.
I have also heard it works.
And I've heard it doesn't work any better than a placebo.
You might have to try it and see.
Just make sure you are getting local, USA honey from a close, reputable source!


answers from Norfolk on

Hi, C.:

Check the web for children's digestive aids at:

check the web for blood tests for allergies at:

Just a thought.
good luck.


answers from San Diego on

I'll be the third to mention local honey. I have heard it works really well. A family member tried it and it did work for her. You have to use it in anything and everything you would use sweetner in if you can to really get the best results.
I've been trying it myself but haven't been doing it very long or very religiously so I can't tell you first hand.



answers from Washington DC on

Wow, a severe reaction to ibuprofen? Could it be that she has a sensitivity rather than an allergy (or in addition to allergies)? My mother has anaphylactic reactions to certain pain-relievers, and it seems to be because they have a similar chemical structure to salicylates (which are in aspirin). I am not sure if Ibuprofen falls in the list of those medicines, but I think that it might. Salicylates are everywhere -- in colorful fruits and vegetables, in spices, in scents, in artificial colors. Hives every day is one possible symptom of this sensitivity (but there are many possible symptoms -- the upset stomach is the one that bothers my family most). You can test very simply if she has a sensitivity to salicylates -- if you put her in a bath of epsom salts and her hives go away almost immediately, then she has some kind of chemical sensitivity (and it is likely it is salicylates).

Good luck.



answers from Dayton on

About a teaspoon of the honey - worked great for my son's allergies last year!



answers from Richmond on

I don't know if anyone said this but you have to make sure the honey comes from a source within 30 miles of your house or it doesn't help. Farmer's markets or Relay Foods (if they are in your area) will have some local honey. Also Whole Foods usually has some as well. I believe it is a tablespoon a day that is recommended. I know it helps wtih allergies to plants - it helped me this past spring - I hope it helps her with the other allergies as well!



answers from San Antonio on

The honey has to be from local they are making it from the plants local to your area that she may be allergic to...if you by honey from another part of the country it will not do much good.

My son has been taking zyrtec everyday for the past year...well while school is in session, he goes off it over the summer. Heat kills his allergens and we take care of them in our house...but the classroom is full of them.

He has not had one cold/moves into sinus infection/starts the wheezing/triggers the asthma/bronchitis/pneumonia...we move into the doctor's office for a week episode sense. He hasn't even gotten ONE cold.

I wasn't thrilled about him being on medication everyday...but I thought I would try it considering he missed at least one week of school every month last year until we found out his allergy got it out of our house and started treatment for the times he is exposed at school. His big trigger is dust mites and carpeted classrooms are full of them as they don't treat for them they just stir them up every time they vacuum the floors.

If she isn't getting better naturally you might try the zyrtec for a while and see if it helps her at all...I buy the generic at Costco.

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