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Updated on September 29, 2012
R.M. asks from Cedar Park, TX
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I have no gift for design. But, recently I visited an accupunturist for the first time and loved how I felt in the room. It was designed simply...but it felt so "natural"....I want to start changing my make it feel more like nature. I would love any book recommendations on this? Or ideas? And, if there is anyone in the Austin, Texas area that could help me with this...for a reasonable rate..that would be great.

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answers from Salinas on

Below is a link to a book I love. Got it at the library but now that I see it on amazon I'm going to buy it. What I liked about this book is it was very sophisticated. It showed unusual combinations of natural with modern and retro and blended the styles in such a cool way.

We have a mid century modern/retro house with lots of natural elements like wood and stone, the color palate is grey/ warm ivory and taupe. I love using natural elements indoors but not in a country type way. We bring nature inside by using stones, succulents and even greenery from the backyard as accents. For paint just look to nature.

Another great resource for this type of decorating is Sunset magazine. I love just about any house they feature, usually the look is fresh and modern without being cold. Have fun!

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answers from Appleton on

It's probably acombination of Feng Shui (Chinese for wind and water) and minimalism.

I have studied up on Feng Shui and basically your home is split into 9 sections Self Knowledge, Path, Helpful People/Travel, Creativity/Children, Health, Family Tree, Wealth, Fame and Romance/Relationship. Color and shape play roles in inviting Chi (good energy) into that area of your life. You also learn to get rid of Sha (bad energy) from an area of your life. Minimalism comes to play because Feng Shui practioners believe that Sha collects in clutter. So even though you can have a comfortable home clearing clutter, dust ect help keep the peaceful energy flowing.

Go to the library or Barnes & Nobles and look at some books, you can also look up info online.

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answers from Charlotte on

Maybe what you like is "fung shui". Take a look at that and see if that's what is interesting you about the accupuncturist's design. Fung shui can be applied to interior spaces and exterior spaces. Don't try to do 100% fung shei (you can't move your house, you know) but you can incorporate some of it into your home.

Have fun!

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