Nasonex While Pregnant?

Updated on March 27, 2012
B.S. asks from Wahiawa, HI
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I just recently found out that I'm pregnant with #3. I'm excited and happy but I've been taking Nasonex because I thought it was safe. Today I googled it and found out it's a Category C and that the same steroid has been known to cause birth defects in animals. I'm completely freaked out. I'm wondering if anyone here has ever taken Nasonex while pregnant, and if it turned out okay?

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So What Happened?

Thank you everyone for you responses. You've helped ease my fears. <3

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answers from Washington DC on

I can't remember what they switched me to, it may have been rhinocort, it is in a brown bottle with a green top. Ask your doctor and they can switch you to the one that isn't a problem. I don't think this will affect your baby, just ask them to switch you.

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answers from Jacksonville on

I have to say, I read this backwards at first. For a split second I thought you said Nanosex while pregnant. I thought, I've heard of a quickie, but never nanosex. Ha! Anyways what's done is done, so don't stress about it. I am sure there are hundreds of women that have done things they shouldn't have before they found out they were pregnant.

Personally, I went out and drank myself stupid on New Years eve when I was pregnant. When I missed my period at the end of January and found out I was pregnant, they did an ultra sound. I figured I was just a couple weeks along, in fact my period stopped the day before New Years, normal cycle and all. Nope, I was six weeks along. I just had a normal period while pregnant. I was horrified and told my doc about the night out, and she said one night this early in the pregnancy isn't anything to worry about.

I couldn't change what had happened, so I just prayed for the best. My daughter is now an exceptionally bright 3 1/2 year old.

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answers from St. Cloud on

Sorry, I haven't taken Nasonex while pregnant. Remember, they probably did that animal testing throughout the animal's pregnancy. I'm sure you stopped the second you found out. I VERY much doubt your baby will have side effects. Think of all the things we do before finding out we're pregnant and 99.9% of the time there are no side effects. If you want a medical opinion before your next baby appt, call your medical provider's nurse. They're good at calming us pregger ladies fears :P

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answers from Pittsburgh on

CW is correct. Rhinocort is safe during pregnancy. Just asked to be switched.

There is also an over the counter nasal spray called Nasalcrom that I used in conjunction with the Rhinocort. I believe it is sort of a histamine blocker but not a steroid.

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answers from Detroit on

I used it .. my sinuses were horrible when I was pregnant.. my kids are fine..

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answers from Raleigh on

I did at the very beginning before I knew I was pregnant. Everything was fine with baby. Don't worry too much. A lot of women do much worse before finding out they are pregnant. Luckily, mother nature looks after us in that regard. :)

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answers from Dallas on

I took Nasonex with both my kids. They both turned out just fine. Good luck with your decision.

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