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Updated on April 24, 2015
C.A. asks from Irvine, CA
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My baby recently have had a middle infection. Do you know the best way to prevent this? I heard from my friend and she told me that using aspirator to suck mucus out. I searched it on Amazon and I listed it up below. Have you guys heard and used these before? -nose frida (month) -graco (electric) -safety 1st (manual) -babysmile (S-302 and S-502) I am a bit afraid to use nose frida because it might happen second infection even though it looks like it's most famous. not good reviews on safety 1st. graco might be ok and this is electric. babysmile, i have never heard it before but looks good review.

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answers from Oklahoma City on

I used a bulb suction on the kids. I would wrap them in a blanket and put them on top of the chest of drawers so I could have them higher. I would use my arms and hands to restrict their motion so I wouldn't hurt them. It worked all the time. The kids would get super thick snot and I'd get them up there after bath time and use the suction. It would pull out tons of gunk. Then they'd be okay through the night.

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answers from Jacksonville on

I never found one that worked half as well as the one they send you home with from the hospital. Just a simple bulb aspirator. But sooo effective.

Some kids hate them, some don't. For my son, it was like torture and I honestly thought I might hurt him with all his flailing and twisting his head while I was trying to use it.
But my daughter LOVED it. She would try to use it on herself! LOL

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answers from Boise on

I've used them from Safety 1st. Be aware that your child will HATE it!! I decided to stop using it because it would send my daughter into a huge fit and scream/cry for a good 5 mins. after. If you do decide to use one, use a little nasal saline spray/drip first to moisten the inside of the nose. Do not insert it far into the nostrils, as that can scratch and cause irritation. Also, thoroughly clean it after EVERY time you use it to prevent infection and grossness. Generally squeezing very hot water in and out of the aspirator into the drain will suffice, but you can also use alcohol and then rinse thoroughly. I wouldn't use it excessively, either. If you have to, you can get your Pediatrician to show you how to properly use it. Also, there should be instructions on the package. (It's been a loooong time since I've used one).

Good luck,


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answers from Portland on

Sorry - do you mean middle EAR infection? Just a little confused.

Big thing for middle ear infections is to keep heads elevated when feeding (just a suggestion).

We used a simple bulb aspirator - only one baby was ok with it, but did the trick. Have to really watch you don't put in too far, don't blow air accidentally up into nasal passage, and have it super clean when inserted. Wash and dry super well before storing back away.

Good luck :)
Some babies' noses are irritated to begin with so shoving a rubber tube up nose is just not going to go over well. If they struggle or resist, I wouldn't use it.



answers from Portland on

My daughter tried to use the Nose Frida and didn't like it. She went back to using the simple bulb. She said using it was complicated and took to long. You have to position something in the nose, hold it in place and then sucked the gunk out and through a tube. If you sucked for too long, the goop gets in you mouth.

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