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Updated on February 20, 2010
S.M. asks from Honolulu, HI
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What is your favorite girls name out of these? (We live in Hawaii, so want to honor that with the Isla/Kai and also need to have some variant of "Anna" in the name).

Eva Annelise
Annelise Isla
Isla (Eye-lah) Annelise
Hallie Anna
Breanna Kai
Claire Annelise

**I do realize that Isla will be pronounce wrong and that Kai is typically a boys name. However, it is unisex and in the middle name spot doesn't really bother me. Other names are typical boys name, and used on girls....Aubrey, Hayden, Parker...etc.

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answers from Sacramento on

I like Claire. There are a lot of Breannas and Evas out there right now, so Claire stood out to me as the most classic of the options.

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answers from Oklahoma City on

I like Isla Annelise the best of these, but my little girl was also named Kai or Kaiya so of course i love it too and i have dear friend named Sara Cai.


answers from Minneapolis on

Eva Anneliese, this spelling of Anneliese.

Isla is gorgeous, but I agree it will be mispronounced. I have a friend by this name in her 40's, and she is constantly saying 'no, not Isla, its 'eyela''

Kai is a boys name, especially in Hawaii. Its a great name, but very masculine. Maybe a longer version of the name that is feminine?



answers from Los Angeles on

I think that now that the actress Isla Fischer is around, the name Isla is becoming more familiar.

Given the choices that you listed, i would go with Isla Claire. Since Isla has such a soft, sweet sound to it, adding Claire to it will also emphasize the sweetness of the name. i'm not a fan of Breanna since i hear it all the time, like britney.

or Kai Annelise



answers from Minneapolis on

I personally like Isla Kai best, which isn't on your list, but is a mixture of several... Kai is one of my favorite names, and Isla is very cute. What about Isla Kaianne?

As a teacher, I often caution parents away from names that are really difficult to pronounce, but I would have no trouble whatsoever figuring out the name Isla - (Eye-la) would be my first guess.




answers from Honolulu on

Kai is typically used for a boys name. Unless the "Kai" is part of a girl's Hawaiian name, and "Kai" is the shortened nickname for that. ie: "Kaiulani"
But if you name her "Kai"... locals might always ask why "her" name is Kai, because it is a boy's name.

There are Hawaiian Dictionaries online... try finding one with Hawaiian girl names. There is a proper way to spell Hawaiian names...

"Isla" is typically mispronounced by many people.

I find all the names real pretty.

Good luck,



answers from Indianapolis on

My 4yr old says Hallie Anna.
I like Breanna Kai



answers from Seattle on

I love Eva, Isla, and Annelise (or Anneliese). I work for midwives and Isla is becoming more popular so will be more easily pronounced in the near future and I think it's beautiful! I like Hallie but my first thought growing up Hawaiian is that it sounds like haole ;) Breanna to me sounds like a little girl's name, not one a potential future businesswoman would want, in case she takes that road someday. I have a friend with a daughter named Kai, and one with a Kayana, they call her Kai or Kaya. I think boy names fr girls are kind of cute, Although from just reading her name people may think she's a boy sometimes. Good luck!


answers from Chicago on

I like Hallie Anna the best.



answers from Seattle on

Claire or Eva. Both are classy and classic, not too common, no posibility of misspelling by other people, no asking them to repeat it. It is a bother for kids to have to repeat their name 4 times upon introduction and/or always have to correct misspelling of their name.



answers from Kansas City on

Breanna Kai - that sounds very pretty.



answers from Houston on

This might be totally off the wall but what about combining Kai and Anna into Kaianna? I know a lot of vowels there in a row, but it sounds pretty!

Good luck,



answers from Pittsburgh on

Isla Annelise, very pretty and the most unique on your list. Eva, Breanna and Claire are very well used these days.

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