Nant Help! I Am So Worried I Am Pregnant!

Updated on October 25, 2014
A.V. asks from San Francisco, CA
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I am 47 years old and still breastfeeding but not very much. I know my hormones have been flucuating cause my DD is breast feeding less and my hair started to pour out about a month ago (really shedding).

Now my period is 10 days late and I am terrified I am pregnant. It is possible unfortunatly. I am getting cramps sometimes really painful ones... (I was convinved a week ago I was getting my period cause cramps felt exactly like it and then it never came!) then my period just does not come. Last night I had cramps that were SUPER painful, but again it did nto start yet.

Please help! I have several HPT's and they all say negative. But in the past those tests have failed me (when I was pregnant) I went to get a blood test finally today but have to wait until tomorrow to get the results!

Has any thing like this happened to anyone? Has anyone ever had a late period and cramps like this? I am 47 so hoping it is perimenopause for goodness sake. i

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So What Happened?

Was not pregnant.. had them do the quantitative blood test to be sure. Turns out hormones out of wack, either peri-menopause OR weaning from breastfeeding.

I really TRULY appreciate the responses on here. It really helped me during a major stressful time and gave me more information!

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answers from San Francisco on

Hard to believe a 47 year old woman who doesn't want to get pregnant fails to use reliable birth control.
Hopefully it's just hormonal, but if not you can always terminate the pregnancy.

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answers from Washington DC on


Welcome to mamapedia!!

You don't say how old your still breast feeding child is.

If you are late and have taken a HPT - and it's negative? go to your doctor for a blood test.

I can't help you otherwise. I had a hysterectomy and got to avoid all of this!!

Breast feeding can mess with your hormones. You have had unprotected sex and as you know, this means you could be pregnant. You've taken an HPT and it was negative. Still no period? Go to your doctor.

Good luck!

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answers from Norfolk on

Periods can skip while you're breastfeeding.
It could be peri-menopause too.
Make sure your using birth control.
See a doctor to check you out if the cramps are horrible.

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answers from Austin on

At one point when I hit my 40's, I started having cramps with my period again... (I hadn't had problems with cramps since I was a teen!)......

It ended up that I had fibroids..... just one of those things with getting older, I guess, and having the hormones start changing....

Best thing to do would be to talk to your doctor....

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answers from Boston on

Could be anything - hormones cause screwed up periods, periods can have cramping, cycles are uneven and irregular, fibroids and other issues can cause cramping. Breast feeding and aging affect all of it. So assume you are fertile and take precautions - you have to assume you are fertile until you have had NO periods for 1 year, unaffected by breastfeeding. Meantime, you also have to assume you could be pregnant - so don't do anything like drink alcohol right now either. Sorry you have to wait for results but the home pregnancy tests are often inaccurate. It's hard to go back to "the old days" when we really had to wait 2 weeks for a decent urine test at the doctor's office, but sometimes we just can't rush the results. Good luck.

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answers from Washington DC on

what 'help' would you like?
what can MP offer you that the pregnancy tests can't?
i'm betting more than a few people have had late periods and cramps. it doesn't mean anything as far as your situation is concerned.

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answers from Denver on

My period was so irregular when I was breastfeeding. This is another possible explaination.

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answers from Provo on

Normally when i woman is pregnant she will stop as you put it "shedding" lol, you'll have the occasional ripped hair from nots but you shouldn't lose anything from the follicle, as far as being 10 days late it could be the hormones you could have experienced your first ime with severe cramps, i would check with your doctor and maybe do a blood panel and see whats going on as well as a papsmear



answers from Kansas City on

The same thing happened to me as Rose S. I would suggest going to your OBGYN and having them do a blood test. Could be due to your age that your hormones are just going crazy. Good luck!



answers from Minneapolis on

Wait for the test results.

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