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Updated on July 08, 2007
T.B. asks from Round Rock, TX
6 answers

Has anyone hired a nanny without going through an agency? How did you do it? Did you do background/drug testing and who did you use for that? What about payroll and taxes? How were those handled?

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answers from McAllen on

Hi T.,

To be honest, i've never hired a nanny. but i've considered it and gotten some information on how to hire one. It did have a list of things to do before and doing a background check was one of them, as well as getting refrences and actually speaking to the previous families. As far as doing the drug test, I'm not to sure about that. That might be going to far, but I think it would be suffiecent if you want to go take them for a physical and ask that doctor if he wouldn't mind doing a drug test as long as your nanny agrees as well. I think if you go to your local library or income tax preparer they can help you with that. I don't know how you would handle that.

Another way to do is to enroll them in an education center. I've looked into those a few times. They're not day cares, they're like a little school for toddlers! But some of them just say education center, you may want to visit a few times before you enroll to make sure they are doing a good job!




answers from Austin on

I'm a stay at home mom now but when I was working I actually found our nanny through an ad I placed on It was viewable to TX State and UT students. We hired an amazing girl that's an education major at TX State. We didn't do a full background check but she had great references. She still babysits for us once in a while.
Good Luck!



answers from Lubbock on

Just wanted to say that when I was hired as a nanny I responded to a classified ad in the local paper. They did a background check, but did not do drug testing. We did taxes, but I'm not sure on the details. She did not take any out and I just paid at tax time.



answers from Austin on

I hired a nanny through All the viewers are UT students. I love my sons nanny!!



answers from Austin on

Hi T.,
I am a nanny and a mother of a 2 year old. I have been a nanny for 10 years. I have been hired both ways--thruogh and agency and by individuals. If I was hiring a nanny I would definately go through and agency. It is easier and they do all the background checks, reference checks, and all that stuff. Plus they do a great job of matching families and nannies. They also have websites whre you can browse over nannies.
There is a company called Breedlove that helps families set up nanny taxing. it is really simple and you can eve do direct deposite of paychecks.
The best agencies in austin are Nannies from the Heart and MBF.
Any more questions? Feel free to ask.
Good luck



answers from Odessa on

T., I am actually checking to see if anyone wrote you with any help in finding a nanny. I will be moving to midland soon and am trying to find childcare for my 10 month old. please let me know if you were able to get any good leads for reliable childcare! Thank you! M. H

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