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Updated on September 16, 2010
S.K. asks from Chicago, IL
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I am loking for a nanny to take care of my preemie baby who is now 3 months old. Leaving the baby alone at home is a huge thing for me, so I really need to find someone whom I can completely trust to take care of my baby in my absence.
If you have hired a nanny for your kids , what are the things to look for in a good nanny? I am looking online on websites like , .Everybody has good things to tell about themselves , so I am not sure how to choose the right person for our family.
Also,do youhave any recommendations?I live in Eagan,MN. Thanks!

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answers from Miami on

Dear SK, Some thoughts:
1. I would also try word of mouth. The best nannies are usually passed around among friends and acquaintances.

2. I would go to your local church, synagogue or mosque and look for notices or post notices.

3. I would also look at postings at places where children frequent -- gymborees, community centers, parks....

Once you have some options:
1. The references should be excellent. Not lukewarm. Lukewarm means someone gave not happily. They should have at least 3 excellent references.

2. Preferably, there should be at least one family with whom they worked more than one year (that is the family did not want to let her go).


GL HTH. jilly

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answers from Chicago on

If you have never considered an au pair I would love to speak with you about the benefits and affordability of the au pair program.. All of our au pairs are carefully screened by our own staff, references checked and background checks. We help families through the whole process of choosing their au pair including giving you interview suggestions and connecting you overseas to speak with the candidate. All of our families who are interviewing au pairs also have one on one help throughout the process.
I would love to speak with y ou about your childcare needs. Please send M. a message if you are interested in more information. M. Terlecki



answers from Minneapolis on

I know someone who may be looking for a nanny position. Will email later in the day. B.


answers from Chicago on

DH and I hired the first and only person that we interviewed. She was a referral of another family - and knowing how anal that family is - we trusted them. They use her sister for their kids.

We have a long list of interview questions that I'm happy to share, if you'd like. As well as a contract.
The thing that struck us most about our nanny is that many of the questions she answered weren't pre-rehearsed. She had never nannied before. She just had a ton of kids in her family, and a teenager herself. Most questions she answered were really surrounding having to give the child "a lot of love and patience" and that really resonated with us.
She's been with us for 2 yrs, and she is WONDERFUL. I hear from all of the other moms in our area how great she is, and how she's always teaching my son and never takes her eyes off of him. I guess other nannies aren't so attentive, according to them.
So, go with your gut, is the best advice I can give you. People thought we were crazy for not interviewing more. But with her, we just knew.



answers from Minneapolis on

I would also go with my instinct and recommendation from my friends.I have nothing against agencies-probably they do have a lot of experienced and responsible nannies.But also I know at least two(meet them at the playground at the park),who I would not trust my child-one lets her child eat everything of the ground(told M.-oh,he 'll spit it out) and another one I saw smoking while walking the stroller.Both from reputable agencies.



answers from Detroit on

Honestly, Go with your gut on a person, if they are just not striking it right with you, don't hire them.

I would also suggest checking out a nanny agency. The reasoning is: being a first-time parent, you are looking for someone specifically to care for your preemie baby. Agencies do background checks, intensely interview nannies, and only select the best for their service. TRUST M., I am registered with 2 of them!

Good luck!



answers from Minneapolis on

I was a nanny for almost ten years and only stopped because I had my second child. My best advice is to go through an agency. That way you know that background checks have been done, as well as driving records, that they are cpr trained. I was with Nanny Professionals and loved everyone I worked with in the agency.

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