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Updated on November 01, 2012
S.G. asks from Tewksbury, MA
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Hi all! I am in the works of starting a Christian Moms Group and struggling with a name idea. I'd like the name to reflect that we are christian moms. I am not excluding any mom from this group, but dont want to surprise anyone if they show up and we pray before snack time or something else that might be faith based.

Do you have any suggestions for name ideas? Thanks in advance!

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answers from Dallas on

The Gospel Girls

I belong to a mom's group called The Garden, and we refer to ourselves as the "Hoes" in the garden. It works well for us, but it probably isn't what you're looking for. :)

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answers from Houston on

Holy Strollers
The Playground Prayer Warriors
Moms Focusing on Faith
Partners in Playtime and Prayer

Your group name will either draw people in or send them away. I think it is unlikely that you'll have non-Christians want to join if you put anything faith related in the name - which is fine, it just depends on your vision for the group. If you are hoping for a mostly Christian membership, then definitely put it in the name. If you are hoping for a more mixed group, you may want a more generic name and mention the faith part in the group description. I've been in several moms groups and any online site you use to organize will have space for your group name and a description. When prospective members search for groups they may want to join usually both the name and description are available for them to see. If this group is a bunch of your friends that are just naming themselves to be organized, then it almost doesn't matter. It matters most if you are starting small and plan to recruit more moms you don't know in order to grow the group.

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answers from Chicago on

When I belonged to a mom's group, we went through an elaborate brainstorm, short list, and voting process and......we ended up with the name Naperville Moms Group. Very boring, but self-explanatory. So how about the Tewksbury Christian Moms Group? No one will be wondering what your group is all about :-)

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answers from Grand Forks on

Ours was "Great Expectations". I can't think of any Christian names. How about incorporating the name of one of the famous mothers of the bible, like Hannah, Elizabeth, Sarah, Rebekah or Mary.

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answers from Houston on

ANGELA!!!!!!!!!! You are too much! LOL!

I think that even with the Christian in the name--it still is broad.

I am a mom and my child is an adult--so is it going to be for moms of a certain age range? Christian moms who like to knit? Christian moms who like to walk?

Cute idea and sounds like fun.

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answers from Orlando on

Wholly Moms! I just thought that was cute ;) Good luck and have fun!

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Christian Moms of MA



answers from Syracuse on

I attend a Mom's group at a church and they just call it mom's group. There are woman of all different faith's there. If the name were more Christian, I don't think that would be the case. They do occasionally say a prayer, and I'm not the least bit surprised since the meetings are held at the church. I think most people would expect this when attending something that's held at a church. I guess it depends on what your vision for the group is and who you want to draw in. If you want a diverse group, leave the religious part out.


answers from Burlington on

Kudos to you for starting the group. I don't have any suggestions, but I also encourage you to try to indicate in the name you're a Christian group.

I was new to community and invited to a mom's group. It took place in a church, but we're in a rural area and churches are the only large buildings with community spaces, so I didn't realize it was a Christian group. (I'm not Christian.) They pointed out the breakfast buffet and I started eating while waiting for the activities. I was so embarrassed when they asked us to bless our meals before the meeting -- I was already halfway finished. I felt like I was being disrespectful even though I didn't mean to be :-(

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