Name Ideas for a Dog?

Updated on July 10, 2010
K.G. asks from Fort Lauderdale, FL
26 answers

Hi Moms,

We are thinking about adopting a dog from a rescue... He's a 2 year old white golden retriever mix... We already adopted a red retriever mix and named her Reese.. Can you give me some cool name ideas... (PS sometimes I like different names for animals)
PS they found him on the streets of Miami so they don't know his name. The rescue is calling him "Cougan" but I might change it.

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answers from Houston on

I always thought Cricket was a good name for a dog. Although, it might be better suited for a small dog...perhaps I'm barking up the wrong tree!!! (yuck yuck yuck:)

How about Barsky? Barkly?

As a previous post stated, Bailey? A friend of the family's has a Y. lab name suits her. (could be male too)

OOHHH!!! Lets mix with Beths about Ajax!?! That would be perfect for a white dog!!!!

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answers from Orlando on

I just adopted a red Golden Ret Mix almost 2 months ago. We named him Charlie. In the past, my families dogs have been named after basketball players (lol) .. Jordan (Michael Jordan) ... Grant (Horace Grant) .. My neighbor has a red golden retriever and his name is Scooby.

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answers from Jacksonville on

Doesn't he already have a name, if he is coming from a rescue?
I would see how well he knows/responds to his name before you RE-name him. You can always tack on a "nick name" at the end, if you like... but if he knows his name, it will make the transition smoother if you keep it.

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answers from San Antonio on

Well with Reese -- I think Reeces' PB Cups.
So what about SNICKERS?

If Reese is Red,
then WILLOW could be White or choose another W-name.

My Boxer's name is CASH (Cassius "cashus" Clay - Muhhamed Ali, the BOXER). Ha. Maybe you can think of things that RETRIEVE .... a mailman retrieves your sent mail, so name the dog POSTY. A quarterback retrieves the football, so name the dog QUARTER (or name the dog after your husband's favorite quarterback). Sorry I'm going WAY off on a limb to name the dog. Have fun naming the new dog.

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answers from Dallas on


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answers from Cleveland on

Our dog's name is Maverick ... suits him!

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answers from Des Moines on

I have always loved Scout for a dog. We got our Beagle from another family and she had her name for 6 we thought we shouldn't change her name so late...she would be Scout though!

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answers from Fayetteville on

Ravioli, ace, italics,

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answers from Pittsburgh on

Our current dog is Max...the kids choice and the most popular dog name right now. I wanted to name him Jax. Before him we had 2 siberian huskies named Tasha and Coti (Cody). We have a cat named Dash. Growing up we had a cat named Cupcake and my husband once named a stray he took in Butthead (boys will be boys even when they're men). We got Max (boxer) and Dash from rescues. We had another dog from a rescue, a black lab/boxer named Sable. Her sister was Sage.

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answers from Augusta on

our Dog's name is Ty. Because his hair sticks up like Ty Pennington's.

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answers from Oklahoma City on

I volunteer with animal rescues and here are some different male dog names I have heard: Clyde, Clovis, Homer, Boomer, Rambo, Harley, Cane, Murphy, Cody, Duke, Shelton, Hulk, Davey, Deiter, Brody, Scooter, Whipper, Slingshot, Dude, Beans, Magic, Chuckie of luck in choosing a name.

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answers from Medford on

We got out a map of Alaska when we were thinking about getting a dog. We LOVE Alaska as it holds many prescious memories for us. We just started naming off names of the different cities in the area that we liked. We even would holler the names like we were calling our dog. Hoonah stuck for some reason with us. Then 2 months later Hoonah came to live with us! He had his name before we picked him out.
If there is a place that your family holds dear, get out a map and start hollering names!

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answers from Boston on

Unlike when people do it to their kids, I think it's cute when two dogs have "cutsy" names with each other. Our dogs are Harry and Sally : ) So maybe something that does with Reese (I liked the Snickers idea below). The only famous Reese I can think of is Witherspoon, and she's not very consistent, is she? Good luck!

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answers from Dallas on

We have a 4 yr old very spoiled apricot toy poodle named by our daughter Giovanni Rose and we call him G most of the time. It's funny, when we say Giovanni or Giovanni Rose, he knows he's in trouble!!

Our 5 yr old English black Cocker with beautiful eyes is CoCo. We call her CoCo LoCo sometimes.

Our 11 yr old American buff Cocker was named by daughter as well. Fluff de la Fluff because he is a furrball. We call him Fluff or Fluff Puff

I know silly but fun. Our other Cockers were Margaret Bealeiu (Maggie) and Frankie Bordeaux.

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answers from Spokane on

We seem to name all our animals after our favorite movie characters...

So my dog's name is Brooks (the old man in Shawshank Redemtion who had the bird) although I also tossed around "The Major" from Green Street Hooligans...but I have a serious Guard dog!

My sister has a dog and named it Meeshak...I love that!

Good Luck!


answers from Dallas on

let the kids pick something and go with it! Even if it is Elmo



answers from Miami on

1st of all, kudos to you for adopting ! These animals need loving families & they thank you in their own ways..I have 2 cats which I adopted fr a rescue & in addition to my human baby, they are also my babies. :)
Having said that, the name Mason comes to mind! lol I don't know anyone's kid w/ that name but somehow that name sounds very strong.. although your dog is 2 years old, he may already know his name & would be confused but if you call him a different name.. A nickname perhaps??

Good luck!



answers from Indianapolis on

When we got both our cat and our dog from the humane society, the vet advised us not to change names (especially with dogs who identify more with a name vs. a voice/tone of voice).

We've always chosen names based upon favorite movies, books, authors, etc. Clancy will be next as it's my husband's favorite author (Tom Clancy).



answers from Salt Lake City on

We had some friends who named their dog Gunnar. I think that's such an awesome name for a male dog!


answers from Dallas on

I'm with Bee's Mom-we have a dog named Ajax. :) I love it. My husband likes naming our dogs after Greek mythology gods and goddesses. He wants to name the next one Thor. haha



answers from Chicago on

What about something relate to where she came from, like the name of the center, the town, etc.? Or what about Boynton?



answers from Pittsburgh on

Our dog's name is Mojo.
Also what about:



answers from Tampa on

We got our dog from a rescue in Nov. She came with her name, Brownie. We call her Bru for short LOL. When we get our next dog we will use a rescue again and not a pound (had a bad experience there).

Growing up some of their names were :Trixie, Flower, Champ, Sparky, Goober, Cuddles, Spot, Buster (my first dog).

Friends dogs that I remember were: Cooper, Molly, Toby, Tanner, Nieko, Zeke, Pebbles, Topper.

If I think of more I'll post.



answers from Tampa on

How about Pieces? That way you can have Reese's & Pieces.

I say this to be funny, but I work in the vet field & people do have themed type names. You could also name him Snickers- but that is a popular name & not one usually associated with a retriever. I have seen them named after TV show characters, cars, beers, liquor, spices etc.

You could also go with another name that starts with R.

I personally like to wait to see what fits their personality & what they respond to. But I too like different names.

IF he has a quality you like that you want reflected in the name- & english doesn't fit the look for the same name in a different language.

Currently we have 3 cats.
Tangelo- orange tabby (husband calls him Orenthal after OJ Simpson)- Don't ask- hubby has a weird sense of humor.

Pyro- a flame point Siamese- also has a fire personality.

Gina- who is a beautiful snowshoe/tortie point siamese- named after the actress Gina Lollabridgida. We wanted something to indicate princess- which my 3.5 yr old calls her a princess kitty, but princess in other languages did not sound right.

BTW- all of mine were rescues through our local emergency clinic.


answers from Denver on

simple names are better for commands. one sylable words preferably (or so I've been told) Makes it easier to say "ike come, or Ike sit" Have fun figuring out a name. the kids named our newest addition phineus after the show of course but it has been shortened to finn just due to the command issue its easier. Although I wish we would have gone with "ike" cuz hes a mini schnauzer and looks like an old western cowboy with his little schnauzer beard.



answers from Dallas on

Django! We got it from Django Walker - Jerry Jeff Walker's son. I thought it was a perfect name for a dog and even though it is a boy's name, we named our female dog Django :)

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