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Updated on January 29, 2013
J.E. asks from Erie, PA
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My husband and I just got the news a week ago that we are expecting baby #3! I am beyond excited :) It was definitely a surprise! Our kids will be 7 & 5 when this baby is born. We have been trying to come up with names and I think we have a boys name narrowed down...Nolan Ryker. But, it's the girls names that we can't decide on. I know we have a little ways to go yet lol but we want to be prepared. Our kids we have now are Zoey Elizabeth and Raiden Xaiver. We like names that are a little unique but not too off the wall. And my husband isn't too fond of old sounding names. We have thought of a few we like, but can't decide if we love them. So...any ideas for a girls name?? I'm hoping maybe one of you will have an idea we haven't thought of :) TIA!

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So What Happened?

Ok, I think we have a girl name picked out! Ivy Quinn

Thanks for all the awesome name suggestions!! Definitely a lot of names we didn't even think of! You ladies rock! :)

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answers from Portland on

If we'd had a girl, her name would have been Clementine. (bringer of mercy, clemency). Maybe more old-fashioned than you would care for?

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answers from Denver on

Kiera, Nerise, (yes, there's a Star Trek them there, but they are nice names), Talia, Thalia. E. (*grin*), Elise, Corrinne, Corrinna, Celia, Harper, Jolie, Jerilyn, Gillian, Ivy, Danielle, Chloe, Avery, Ella....

Good luck with the names! Congratulations!

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answers from St. Louis on

I am going to shoot myself for putting this out here but my youngest is named Genevieve after her great grandma. We were in the hospital for two days and three people, that we know of, used her name.

They do that footprint on the wall with the name thing.

Anyway we call her Genna most of the time cause the name is kind of a mouthful. Still it is one of the more beautiful old names.
Oh her full name is Genevieve Lauren but we were stealing family names and my mom's middle name is Laurenza. Not sure if I spelled that right but Lauren is the Americanization of it.

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answers from Dallas on

I don't know but it kind of sounds like you are growing a tribe of superheroes! Congratulations!

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answers from Savannah on

Whoa!!! You are way ahead of the game! I am 38 weeks pregnant and we JUST narrowed the names down last week. One for a boy and 2 for a girl. Congrats on being so prepared! I don't know if you will care for any names I would suggest because my husband and I like to go the more traditional route. But just in case, our 2 girls names are Amy Elizabeth and Evelyn Grace. Good luck and congrats on your new blessing!

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answers from Chicago on

We have an Averi and we are due in April with an Audrey. I like more contemporary baby names but my husband was not on board.
Here are few:

If Averi would have been a boy she would have been Nolan. If this baby ends up being a boy she will be Asher.

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answers from Eau Claire on

Some cute ones I've heard of:

-Lila *What I'd choose if I ever had another girl - not happening lol**

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answers from Denver on

Chloe is my favorite girl's name and I also like Paige, so I would have gone with Chloe Paige if my husband had been on board. We ended up choosing Kayla Nicole, a name we both finally liked and agreed on.

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answers from Honolulu on

Xandra- its a French name meaning defender of mankind
Xahria- meaning flower
Zora- means golden dawn

You/Hubby seem to like names at the end of the alphabet. Z's or R's or X names?

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answers from Phoenix on

If our first had been a girl she would have been Phoenix and we would have called her Phoebe. If our second had been a girl she would have been Tabitha. I love both of those :)
Also under consideration- Alexa, Ivy, Elora, Regan (pronounced Ree-gan not Ray-gan), Holly, Alyn (pronounced ah-LYNN, not like the boy name Allen)
Picking names is so fun, but a lot of pressure, too! I was always relieved when we had at least our top 2 names nailed down, so I understand starting early :)

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answers from Kansas City on


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answers from Philadelphia on

Hi, my neice named her baby Eden Pearl and I absolutely love it. Her other daughter's name is Naomi Elizabeth which I like. I also love Ruby.


answers from Pittsburgh on

If our son was born a girl, our #1 choice was Lila Shay. You could play with the letters to fit your family (like, Lyla Zhay?). We had 4 names picked out, but I can't remember the others, haha. Good luck!



answers from Seattle on

Amelia, Amelie, Avery, Alice, Blake, bailey, brynn, Ciel, delaney, Delia, Ellison, everly, Gianna, Hadley, Harper, jaeda, kinley, Lane, Lola, maren, Norah, Peyton, Quinn, Simone/Simona, taryn, Veronica.



answers from San Francisco on

Gladis Rain
Jaelynn Mckensey
Abrielle Rue
Brielle Justine
Greta Marie




answers from San Francisco on

We steal names from our family tree, but with a twist. We have two little girls named after the grandfathers who raised each of us. We give our kids family names that could work for boys or girls. Now that we are expecting baby number 3 and we know its a boy, were sticking with our tradtion. Our oldest daughters name is Charliegh, our youngest daughtera name is Jessie, and our sons name is going to be named Logan. If we were going to have a girl again, it would have been Aryn or Andy. We think their unique especially when used for the opposite gender. Hope this helps


answers from Santa Fe on

I like names that are slightly different too. I love the boy name you picked out! I go for names that mean something to us or have some connection to our heritage. Names I think are interesting and beautiful are: Aven (a mountain wild flower), Marin (means of the sea), Bergen (scandinavian name), Astrid (also scandinavian), Bevin, Tove (pronounced Tova), Thalia, Hayley, Adelie, Willa. Have fun finding a name you like!


answers from Chicago on

Harper, Nelah, Willow, Nevaeh, Riley, Harlow,


answers from Los Angeles on


I love it but husband wasn't having it!

I also like Ainsley.



answers from Pittsburgh on

My daughters name is Macyn...i also like Ryan for a girl....Braelyn...brielle...selah



answers from Los Angeles on

I LOVE all the ones that "sweetchaoswith3" named.

I'll add:

Now, I went with totally different, random



answers from Redding on

When I was first expecting, I had boy names picked out.
I had a girl.

My second baby, I had a girl name nailed.
I had a boy.

My first baby, my daughter, was four days old before her father and I could agree on a name. He shot down everything I suggested and his only suggestion was Athena. I wasn't feelin' that one.

I think you should name your baby whatever you want, but having done birth certificates at our local hospital, I, personally, would stay away from "fad" names. I would stay away from things that people will have no way of knowing how to pronounce. It just makes it tough on the kid throughout life.
Creativity is an awesome thing, but consider your baby as an adult trying to conduct business, etc.

I am not making this up....I literally dealt with a client named Jellow.
I wasn't trying to be rude, but I asked her to spell it, and she said, "It's like yellow, but with a J". Her parents named her Jellow. It's not for me to ask, but I do have to wonder what they were thinking at the time.

Anyway, I'm not going to make any suggestions because I'm sure you'll receive lots of them. You have plenty of time to think about this. I'm sure you'll come up with just the right thing.

Best wishes.

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