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Updated on June 21, 2010
V.M. asks from Conneaut, OH
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kind of silly, but I want to consign some children's clothing and the store website says it only accepts name brand clothes. So does that mean nothing from Kmart. walmart, jcpenneys, macy's but it will take old navy, children's place, gymboree??? I'm a little embarrassesd to ask so i don't want to call the store. can any body help??

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answers from Pittsburgh on

I would call and ask. I did consignment and they didn't really want certain brands from Walmart, Kmart, etc, not because they were being brand snobs but because the clothes were so inexpensive in the first place that they weren't really worth selling.

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answers from Atlanta on

You should really call and ask. I guarantee you they get the question all the time! Most likely you're on the right track, but they may have allowances for clothes from places like Macy's or Nordstrom. The general rule is that they don't want clothes from places like Walmart or Target because they can't justify charging enough for used clothes from those places to fool with them.

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answers from New York on

They probably mean they won't take Walmart and Kmart clothing, but will take Arizona Jeans (JC Penney), Oskosh, Carter, Gymboree, your better quality type clothing. If your not sure, give the store a call. I'm sure they gets lots of the same types of calls.

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answers from Fresno on

We have a consignment store near us that has this policy - they want Tommy Hilfiger, Gymboree, Polo, Catimini, Seven for all Mankind, etc. They won't take Target, WalMart, Children's Place, Crazy 8, or Old Navy. But - what each store will or won't take may depend upon local demand, so it doesn't hurt to ask.

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answers from Philadelphia on

I was thinking holister, abercrombie, aeropastle... you can tell i have teenagers :) You are on the right track with the gymboree etc.. At least i think this is what they are talking about...

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answers from Denver on

I don't think they'd be put off if you called and asked what they accepted. It will save them time when you come in.

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answers from Harrisburg on

I would call to ask what is considered "name brand". Sounds a bit snooty to me to only accept "name brand" stuff if they're considering the more expensive clothes. With all the kids I have I shop at Walmart, Target and Kmart and their clothes have lasted better than the "name brand" clothes we've had. I wouldn't be embarrassed. After all, you're dealing with a consignment shop, which is a fancy name for "thrift shop" for us "po' folks", lol! I'd ask what their reasoning is for being picky. It amazes me how some parents out there have become so fashion conscience with their kids clothes that just get dirty and last only one or two seasons. Weird.

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answers from Jacksonville on

I would think that they are referring to actual name brands, not the store from which it is purchased. Many stores carry both a store brand AND name brand clothing (one of Belks's store brands is J.Khaki, for instance, but they also carry Polo and Tommy Hilfiger). The actual name brands I would think they are looking for would be something like: Polo, Guess, Tommy Hilfiger, Calvin Klein, Levi's, Carters, that are carried by multiple retailers, not store specific.
Call and ask if you want to be certain.



answers from Williamsport on

That's not embarrassing! Call them. Some people say Old Navy is name brand, but it's not designer, so I'm not sure what they mean either. Gymboree for sure because it's expensive. Definitely no Wal Mart Kmart type stuff, but JcPenny and Macy's carry some brand name labels? It's vague. Call up and ask with pride.



answers from Philadelphia on

I agree with the people who say call the store anonymously. Then, whatever they don't take, try to sell on eBay. Be sure to find out how much of a cut the consignment shop will take out of each thing you sell. Usually it's a pretty decent amount. Check the eBay fees for stuff you want to sell, because those fees may actually be cheaper than the consignment fee and your stuff will be viewed by a much larger group of people. If you go the eBay route, you may want to group clothing items together (ie. sell "one lot of 5 shirts" or "one lot of 3 pairs of pants"). Lots seem to sell better than individual things. Good luck!


answers from Erie on

I know we have Once Upon a Child stores in our area and they say name brands as well but when they list out the name brands, they include names that are carried at wal-mart, k-mart, etc. so i would call and ask too.



answers from Johnstown on

To me that could be taken a couple ways. The first is as you explain above. The second could mean that they don't want any homemade items and want only store bought clothing. The reason for that could be due to the new "lead law" that includes children's clothing and demands testing for ANY item to be used by a child, not just toys and jewelry. You don't have to tell them who you are when you call, but I would ask the store in this instance.



answers from New York on

It sounds like you have the right idea. If thats not it I wouldn't be embarrassed about it.



answers from Pittsburgh on

The reason they don't want to fool with Walmart, Target, and Kmart brands is that these clothes are so inexpensive and cheaply made that it would make more sense for the buyer to buy them new, rather than used. These brands are the type of clothes you can donate to Goodwill or sell at your family yard sale. So, yes, you are exactly right. Consign the brands that you mentioned and donate the rest. Someone who is needy will purchase your tshirts at Goodwill for a buck and will be thrilled!

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