Mystery Shopping with TrendSource

Updated on August 11, 2010
C. asks from Grand Blanc, MI
5 answers

I received an e-mail for this from a company called "TrendSource". It looks to be a valid site. Does anyone have any experience with this company? If so, is it a valid source of extra income?

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answers from Chicago on

I did mystery shopping for about a year before returning to a full time job. TrendSource is a legit company. A word of advice though, it is really hard to make any significant income mystery shopping, please don't get your hopes up too high. There are other companies where you'll "shop" for services and you'll have to spend money up front for that service, with payment coming 8-12 weeks later. If you don't mind being out the money in the meantime, you can get oil changes, hotel rooms, even salon services for "free".

If you are looking for part time work that you can set your own hours with you may want to consider a merchandising job. Good luck!

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answers from St. Louis on

Hi C.,
I haven't done mystery shops for Trendsource but I do shops for BestMark and Marketforce. I don't make an excessive amount of money but doing it in my spare time does give me some extra cash and extra incentives like free meals out, discounted auto services, reimbursed groceries, etc. It's stuff that I would need to buy anyway, so I figure that I might as well fill out a BestMark survey about the customer service and get paid for it! Oh and PS you should NEVER pay a company to shop for them!



answers from Sacramento on

Personally I would steer clear of this job. I have heard plenty of stories of scams of companies looking for mystery shoppers. Many want you to pay them some upfront costs that are never re-cooped.



answers from Saginaw on

I just saw this question on the Tyra show yesterday! IF you have to PAY, It`s a scam. You will NOT have to pay if it isn`t.



answers from Grand Rapids on

Did you receive the e-mail unsolicited, without requesting information from them? If so, I suggest you ignore it. Most of those companies are scammers. There may be legitimate companies sending unsolicited e-mails, but I can't stand spam, and resent the company that sends it to me. I don't want to encourage them and their annoying way of trying to get new sales.

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