Mystery Shopping - Keller,TX

Updated on July 24, 2006
K.K. asks from Keller, TX
4 answers

Does anybody know of any legitimate mystery shopper opportunties that's not one of those Internet scams where you have to "complete offers" etc?

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Hi K.,

I'm a part of a mystery shopping community that doesn't require anything from u to get started. the website is However i have to tell u that the money is no substantial from any of the shops, probably around like $10 a gig or sometimes they will offer you free services or products instead. But it doesn't cost anything so you can give a shot and see how it works. let me know if u have any questions.


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K., I don't know of any legitamate shopping jobs. But I am a SAHM Working from home and I love what I am doing. If you ar interested in hearing how you can make a substatial income working from home, just give me a call. ###-###-#### [email protected] I could meet you to talk over or we could talk over the phone. Let me know if you would like to take a "look" at this incredible opportunity. L.



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Don't know if you would be interested anymore but you can check out:
I used to work for them, the owner's name is Heidi. It is secret shopping apartment communities. I was in college & pregnant when I did it and had a ton of fun. It was neat to see all the different apartment settings and after my baby was born I continued to do if for about 3 months...and I could take him with me. Anyway, if you'd like to chat about it or want some more info send me an email: [email protected]
Good luck!

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